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How to work for UN Peace Operations as a civilian?

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Did you know that UN Peace Operations employs 8500 civilians to support their cause? Working for UN Peacekeeping is a rewarding experience and an amazing career path very similar to serving in your country’s own foreign and diplomatic service. In this article, you will learn how you can make an impact for peace as a civilian at the United Nations. You will also find a list of current rosters in different areas open for qualified applicants.

The United Nations Department of Field Support (UN DFS) provides staffing support services to about 30 UN peace operations, including missions led by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations and the Department of Political Affairs. These missions include 8,500 civilian personnel posts. Most of these civilian staff are recruited from rosters of pre-cleared candidates managed by the DFS Recruitment Section in DFS’s Field Personnel Division.

What do you earn when working for the UN in a crisis context?

The DFS recruitment section manages “Generic Job Openings” to build and maintain rosters of candidates who are pre-cleared for rapid deployment. Roster candidates can apply to “recruit from roster” job openings that are advertised on their dedicated Impactpool Career Site here.

See all vacancies at UN Peace Operations

UN peace operations are multidimensional and the peacekeeping missions are mandated with civilian and uniformed personnel capacities. Thus, in addition to the 8,500 civilians serving in peace operations, there is 100,000 uniformed personnel seconded by UN member states (approximately 85,000 military, 13,000 police, and 2000 military observers). Formerly seconded military and police personnel is important outreach groups for talent sourcing.

UN Peace Operations also include about 1,500 UN Volunteers sourced by UNV Programme Managers but paid for through the UN Peace Operations budgets. Former UNVs are another important talent pool for UN peace operations rosters.

The budget for UN peace operations is about 8 billion USD annually.

UN Peace Operations are currently hiring for two different profiles both in the administration job network. One of the profiles is new to the United Nations Peace Operations (The Operations and Resource Management positions) and one returning profile (Chief, Field Technology), to which we are encouraging women applicants as the gender parity of today is less than 1 women per 10 professionals. Read more about current vacancies and how to apply here.

Photo: Let Us Laugh Festival organized by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan [UNMISS] in conjunction with partner organization Dolku. By UNMISS, Flickr CC


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