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Write better UN job applications using a T-table and action verbs

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by Henrik Rydén
COO and Co-founder of Impactpool

When applying for any job at a multilateral organization, you will most likely go through a tedious application process.

Although years of external criticism against the P11/PHP form, most multilateral organizations and International Financial Institutions (IFIs) still apply an application process based on the question set in these forms.

To catch a recruiter's attention, you must correctly highlight the most important parts of the job description and describe how your experience relates to these activities.

Write better UN application with a T-table and correct action verbs

The wording you use in your application is essential, they must correspond to the seniority of the job.

One example, if you apply to a managerial position (senior role) and use words like assisted and supported to describe your contribution to the core activities of the role you apply to, you will come out as too junior in the recruiter's eyes. More adequate words to use may be led or managed.

In this premium article, I am providing you with my personal favorite technique to structure and improve an application. This strategy will help you to make your application more targeted and focused.

A UN job description has a certain structure, only by knowing and understanding this structure you will easily see what is most important and what is less important to highlight in your application.

I will teach how to 'decode' a UN job description. I will also teach you what action verbs to use to make sure that your level of seniority aligns with the level of seniority of the job. 

Use the T-table method for your next applications to any INGOs, NGOs, or IFIs.

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