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Impactpool Guest Blogger Invitation

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by Impactpool

Do you work in the Impact Sector towards one of the sustainable development goals and enjoy writing or sharing your experience? It does not have to be the United Nations only. It can be at any international organisation, a local CSO, an impact startup, foundation, corporate social responsibility at a private company, or even your own impact company. What is essential is that a positive impact that aligns with the SDGs is the organisation's primary mission and vision. 



We noticed that you, our members, have outstanding profiles and therefore, we would like to build a network of trusted writers/ content contributors that are knowledgeable and credible in this sector willing to share insights and in-depth content with practical and actionable tips with other members aspiring towards a common goal - to make a positive global impact through their careers.


What we can offer you: 


exposure for your content piece to our 600,000+ members, a reputable website to add to your portfolio, and a six-month free Fellowship for an approved post. In return for that, you offer your fellow members in-depth content with practical and actionable tips to progress in their careers.


What we want from you: 


You could share your story, your career journey thus far, the trials and tribulations — and the lessons learned. Or perhaps, an incredible resource you find helpful when it comes to learning, gaining insights, and being up to date with current affairs. 


This project is different from our usual MyImpactStories 


It would be best if you had something unique, compelling and actionable to offer our readers. It could be a personal story with an insightful moral, how you achieved something worthwhile, or something similar. Readers need to know what they need to do or where to have the tools to get it done. 


You must be willing for the content to be re-used by us in any way we see fit. We will have the right to publish, edit and reproduce your post in any format as we see fit (always given credit to you)


Topic Ideas:

(We will brainstorm different options based on your profile and experiences)


  • A day in the life of a Budgeting Officer/Talent Acquisition Manager//in Supply Chain and Logistics/ Human Resources/ Administration Support/ Driver/ Medical Practitioner/etc. in an Organization/Start-Up working towards positive Impact. 
  • How you landed a job completely out of your academic experience
  • Successful transitions from Private to Impact Sector
  • Resources that helped you get to where you are in your career

Style Guide: 


  • If you would like to share this through a 5 minute video or podcast, feel free to indicate as we are open to any content format, you feel most comfortable with
  • We don't mind how long (or short) your article/video recording is, so long as it is well written, concise and has a clear message.



Sounds good? Then let us know more about you so that we can set up a meeting:

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