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Join the International IT managers pool and make positive impact

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by Impactpool

Are you an International IT manager that wants to make an impact? Impactpool’s partner organizations are having an increasing demand for IT Managers ready to serve where the needs are the most. Join our pool of International IT managers today and get matched job alerts for the world's most important organizations directly to your e-mail inbox.

With this call, we are looking to find International IT managers. This pool serves to help International Organizations to speed up their recruitment and deployment process. The demand for IT expertise is on constant growth, organizations are struggling to attract talents from the private sector and IT expertise from private sector does not have the patience, nor the possibility to take the risk to wait for tedious and slow recruitment processes to complete.

Impactpool knows that many IT managers dream of making a positive impact in their careers and therefore we are building a pool of talents to help ease the transition from private to International organizations, or just help you to better overview all opportunities.

Partner organizations have asked about possibilities to search for talents in our pool, therefore we will soon launch a new functionality to make it possible to search profiles of talents that have agreed to be made searchable. If you are interested to get our help to make your profile visible to hiring managers, make sure to complete your whole profile.

As a member of Impactpool, you will receive our weekly matched international organization job alerts, with an IT manager focus.

The organizations we work for are all different, so are also the opportunities they offer and the locations they operate at. To accommodate all their needs, we are looking for IT Managers for volunteer assignments as well as for short-term and long-term opportunities. The more resilient you are the better, your chances increase if you also are open to taking on assignments in challenging environments.

Please click here to join the IT Manager Impactpool

Instructions how to join the IT Manager Impactpool

Complete a career profile, including

  • Information about yourself
  • Languages
  • Your degree
  • Your professional experience
  • Your job preferences
  • Your job alert
  • Your documents

The accuracy of our matching algorithm is based on the completion of the profile. The more complete profile you fill out, the better job matching we will give.

Welcome to the Impactpool  IT Manager Pool!

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