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My Humanitarian Journey at the International Committee of the Red Cross

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by Impactpool
in partnership with ICRC - International Committee of the Red Cross

At the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), we hire colleagues from 150 nationalities; deployed across more than 100 countries to help people around the world affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence.

From Afghanistan, China, India and Japan, here are some of our colleagues from the Asia-Pacific region sharing insights about their humanitarian journey across the globe and their experiences working at the ICRC.


Image Source: ICRC 

MASAYOSHI MITA from Japan - “You need to be a good listener to do your job properly” 

Humanitarian work can be hard. The work happens in the background and is usually invisible, with the impact difficult to measure, says Masayoshi "Masa" Mita, a humanitarian aid worker with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).


AHMAD KHALID from Afghanistan – “I have stayed on with the ICRC because of this magic. It keeps you attached to the organization” 

 What keeps Ahmad interested and invested in his work are the challenges that come up from time to time. When one stops enjoying their work or when it stops piquing their curiosity, one must take stock and think about an alternative career path. He says this was his motivator for wanting to become a mobile staff member with the ICRC – he wanted a more challenging role to help him learn and grow.


MALAVIKA SUBBA from India - “We need people with a passion for humanitarian work, but we also need people who are ready to adapt and are agile in their thoughts and actions”

Once I joined the organization in 2013, I travelled extensively and visited most ICRC delegations in the Asia-Pacific region. This exposure to our work on the ground helped me gain a wider understanding of what we do, which in turn led me to change from resident staff to mobile delegate in 2020.


TING FANG from China – “I have also lived in Malawi, Switzerland and Yemen and my experience is that we can relate with one another once we break the ice”

While being fully committed to his work, Ting also acknowledges that it is challenging on different levels. "Saying 'no' can be really difficult when we meet people who are vulnerable but we either don't have enough resources or similar priorities for the mission or our mandate is different. 

Read more here on each of their journeys across the globe.

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