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#MyImpactStory | Making an impact for sustainable skies and development. Meet Eloísa Dutari

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by Impactpool

Eloísa has more than 10 years of experience working in projects that foster sustainable development. She has worked for international organizations as well as for the public and private sectors and NGOs. Read about Eloísa's career journey and get career tip on how you can make an impact

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Name: Eloísa Dutari
Country of origin: Panama
Job position: Consultant & Global Business Developer at OceanSky
Location: Panama and Sweden
Years of work experience: 10 + years of experience in sustainable development projects
Highest Education: Master in International and Comparative Law at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium; Master in Entrepreneurship at Lund University, Sweden


Why are you motivated to work towards sustainability
"Sustainability is at the core of life. It is relevant to the planet, people and businesses. By engaging in projects with a strong component on sustainability, I know that the time and other resources invested will have a positive impact for everyone, either in the short, mid or long term, and that itself is highly rewarding. Also, our society has a plural number of challenges of global scope which require more sustainable solutions, such as climate change. Sustainable models have the potential to turn some challenges in opportunities, and that possibility also drives my motivation".

How is your work making an impact?
"At my current role as a Global Business Developer at OceanSky (, I work to introduce sustainable alternatives for the tourism and aviation industry. In OceanSky, we believe experiential travel is a catalyst for sustainable skies. In our view, Hybrid aircraft technology is the future of sustainable mobility for experiential travel, the future of remote cargo logistics and the way to travel for the next generation. Recently, OceanSky has launched an itinerary for a pioneering expedition from Svalbard as the first hybrid aircraft to ever land on the North Pole."

"As Consultant, I am continually looking for opportunities to continue engaging with teams to support them in developing opportunities and achieving their goals. These include the goals and targets set in the framework of international instruments, such as the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Paris Agreement."

What has been your greatest challenge during your career?
"Initially, one could think that the possibility to engage with several teams in various projects with different actors, make an impact and have a balanced life is a fact! The reality is that the structure, types of contracts and timing are crucial. Working independently and being part of a team are both different and valuable experiences. It is always a learning process."

What skills and competencies do you believe are key to your success? Do you have personal habits or traits that have been critical for your success? Maybe you have a coping mechanism you would like to share?
"I enjoy learning, and I believe that lifelong learning is important for anyone interested in improving and growing as a person, entrepreneur, consultant or professional. Also, I believe the development of transferable skills is highly valuable."

What are the best tips you could give to anyone looking to make an impact on their careers?
"It is core to believe in what you do and to work together with teams with whom you share values. If the level or size of the impact is relevant for a person, then the level or size of the problem or need or the number of beneficiaries are some the indicators to bear on mind when choosing on what projects to engage."

"There are multiple roles that a person can undertake along life and career, intending to generating a positive social impact. The list is infinite, and it includes entrepreneurs, consultants, investors, policymakers, business developers, scientists, teachers and team members within companies or organizations in general. The fact is that every person, actor, role and sector counts, so we keep our society evolving by designing, adopting and using models, technologies, standards and practices that are more sustainable."

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