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Professional citizens of country islands need to know this!

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by Jorge Andrés Jimenez Yanez
Impactpool Executive Search

We can make a positive impact regardless of our background, let alone our academic and professional profile, our nationality, or age. However, if you are an impact professional with a citizenship from an country island, it is crucial to understand the diversity and geographic representation policies in recruitment – even if you are not planning to work at any top International Organization such as the United Nations and other multilaterals.


Why is it that country island professionals have to know this?

The United Nations and other multilaterals do not have to be relevant for your career, but understanding both the funding streams and what makes a professional distinguish themself in the international arena, has a lot to do with who/what your professional brand is associated with. 


Given my executive recruitment experience which covers all continents, working exclusively with the world’s most prestigious International Organizations including the International NGOs, Research institutions, Development Banks, Social Enterprises, Governments, and the United Nations, and other multilaterals - the advantage of knowing how to navigate these realities at the earliest possible in a professional career is crystal clear.


There are three points that I will be elaborating on in this article:

1. Recruitment opportunities for job seekers

2. Career boosters and potential seniority short-cuts

3. Why the unawareness of the attributes directly related to where you are from can make the difference between succeeding or not as an international impact professional both in the private and public sector.


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