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Reality of fieldwork in Peacekeeping: A Testimonial

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by Paulin Regnard
Impactpool Member Contributor

Since my student days, my calling has always been to help build peace in war-torn countries. Over two decades, I had long- and medium-term assignments (ranging from a few months to three years) in the largest peacekeeping operations ever deployed on three continents (in Kosovo, South Sudan, Haiti, Republic Democratic of the Congo), mainly in hardship duty stations.


Overtime, this experience has led me to reflect about how we peacekeepers perform in the field. It has also led to some uncomfortable questions about the burdens I have encountered within the structures of a peace operation. Through a focus on the civilian personnel acting on the frontlines of peacekeeping, I will share some insights about fieldwork, its daily challenges, and some hard facts about career mobility.


  • Why fieldwork matters
  • Administrative and Material Constraints
  • The unglamorous side of field life
  • Career mobility for field workers

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