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Fellow badge 89cb33fea90e4bd01e256415bef5ceefefb3a1712d15c323579bf4222f046d78 Sample interview questions for Senior Executives roles at International Organizations

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by Impactpool

Are you Senior Executive Leader preparing for an assessment center of an interview to take on a role as RR/RC/DSRSG/Senior leader? Are you curious what questions you can expect when being assessed for a job at the United Nations or at any other International Organizations. ImpactPool is your only knowledge source. Our recruiters have many extensive experience of building interview question sets at International Organizations. These are real interview questions, used in real interviews. These questions are similar to questions used for Resident Coordinators (RC), Senior regional leaders of larger International Organizations. The questions are equally valuable if your are new to the sector or if you as internal candidate prepare for your next interview.
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