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Want to become a Global Leader? Get your Executive Master’s in Management while working!

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by SDA Bocconi
in partnership with Impactpool

SDA Bocconi School of Management gets to the heart of managing international organizations. To prepare current and future generations of International Organizations leaders to confront with complex and paradigmatic challenges, SDA Bocconi (Milan, Italy) created the Executive Master in Management of International Organizations – EMMIO. Apply now to start in the Fall 2017.
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EMMIO 2017 – 2018

Duration: 9 months
Format: part-time

Take a look at the EMMIO Executive Master - Learn more

The Learning Model

The program combines a hands-on approach with a solid theoretical component, anchored around management frameworks and tools tailored to the operational and institutional specificities of international organizations. Active learning is supported by a comprehensive executive coaching component which runs throughout the EMMIO program.

EMMIO merges practice and theory, using management frameworks and tools that are fully tailored to the operational and institutional specificities of international organizations. >Learn more


The format

The format of the master is compatible with full employment and it is structured around two blocks of core face-to-face modules and two blocks of distance learning modules. Throughout the duration of the Program, EMMIO offers personalized coaching designed to serve individual professional development goals. >Learn more


Our participants

The program is addressed to mid and senior level professionals working in United Nations and International NGOs who want to obtain an executive master's in management while working.

The ideal EMMIO participant is a strongly motivated, high potential international civil servant, holding a first level university degree, with professional experience at international level and currently covering or with concrete potential to undertake management roles. >Learn more

If you are a junior professional looking for a program focused on management of International Organizations, have a look at the MPA program >Learn more

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