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Fellow badge 89cb33fea90e4bd01e256415bef5ceefefb3a1712d15c323579bf4222f046d78 Did you know that you can negotiate your job offer at the UN - up to 3 extra months salary!

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by Impactpool

The Human Resources Department at the UN has policies that allow hiring managers to provide recruitment bonuses to talented employees. Such policies are never shared outside the department. Read on to understand:

-What strategies fit your profile?

-How much is the limit of what H.R. can grant you?

-What does someone is in a good position to negotiate?


Learning different ways to increase the overall value of your compensation will most likely have an impact on future salaries for the rest of your life.

Starting 1 july 2016 negotiate your initial job offer at the un 06762615 5716 44d3 9429 e5d9302233c5

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