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The readiness checklist: How to translate your professional skills to UN and NGO requirements

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by Impactpool

Are you an established professional in your field? Do you screen yourself out of working in the UN/NGOs etc.? If you are not sure if you have what it takes, or if you are in a profession that seems far away from what you see on International Organizations' sites - how can you find out more? Impactpool's Career Coach Anna Cope shares her experience and gives you insights on transitioning your career into these organizations.


The webinar focuses on how the International Organizations cover so many more professions than many think, and how someone who wants to ‘do good’ can find a niche there. You will have seen the usual roles in the job adverts: Accountants, HR, Finance, Communication, etc. but did you know that all sorts of experts/specialists and professions are needed too?


In particular, emergency work needs many experts from a wide arena: pilots, logistics, security, policing, nursing, lab technicians, mechanical engineering, auto mechanics, etc…


We will Cover:

  • How Job satisfaction and doing good can be a career
  • Profit vs. Non Profit
  • UN and NGO in broad terms–Same or Different?
  • Define Development & Humanitarian Assistance
  • Why UN / NGOs Need You
    •  Translation of job titles, i.e.what to look for
    • Types of Roles and Why
  • Rosters, Short- and Long term Jobs.

Photo: Anas al Baba - Oxfam, January 2015

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