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Fellow badge World Food Programme expert advice + Magic Key words + A Real CV that landed a job

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by Impactpool

World Food Programme (WFP) All-in-one applicable advice for job posts, Rosters, and Talent Pipelines.

Successful applications are tailored to the position, they demonstrate a clear understanding of the Organization’s mandate and strategy, innovation projects and portfolio - That's the easy part, but there are plenty of tricks to adjust your applications to give both hiring managers/and automated screening systems exactly what will make you score higher; these adjustments & key-words will outsmart the screening process


We will tell you what exactly will take you straight to the interview plus we include a REAL CV of one of our Fellows who landed a junior position at the World Food Programme headquarters. 



NOTE: These insights will work just as well for every International humanitarian Organization such as UNHCR, UNICEF, DFS, UNHCR, OCHA, UNDP, UNICEF, Save the Children, ICRC, IRC, NRC, DRC, IOM, and so on.

See the World Food Programme jobs with the least number of competitive applications

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