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UNICEFs work with Health, WASH and Nutrition

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by Marlene Bjornfot
Community Manager

Find out how UNICEF works with Health, WASH and nutrition to increase child survival and which talents they are looking for. UNICEF believes that ”All children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential – to the benefit of a better world.”
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UNICEF has an extensive global health presence, and strong partnerships with governments and non-governmental organizations at national and community levels. On a daily basis UNICEF works to bring practical solutions to the women and children at greatest risk. UNICEF knows what it takes to ensure the survival and health of children and women.

In order to increase focus and coherence across health programmes, UNICEF’s health approach focuses on three pillars - addressing inequities in health outcomes, strengthening health systems including emergency preparedness, response and resilience, and promoting integrated, multi-sector policies and programmes. UNICEF approaches all threats to child health – and there are many – with extensive experience, efficient logistics and creativity.

Which talents are UNICEF looking for?

UNICEF often looks for candidates with education and experience from the following fields:
Public Health, Health Research, International Health, Health Policy and Management, Environmental Health Sciences, Family Health, Biostatistics, Socio-medical Sciences, Epidemiology, Health Education, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Educational Interventions in Health Care, Nursing or a field relevant to international development assistance in Health.

How UNICEF works with Health


UNICEF acts to reach the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children who still lack access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). UNICEF is the lead agency of the global WASH cluster based on its recognized role in the field of emergency water and sanitation interventions.

UNICEF’s work in water focuses on the ability for children to access safe water, the quality of the water they can access and the journey they must take to collect it. UNICEF is at the forefront of exploring innovative ways to access water, and building climate resistant infrastructure.

For sanitation, UNICEF works to ensure access and use of basic toilets and ways to separate human waste from contact with people. One important area of work for sanitation is to end the practice of “open defecation,” and facilitate community-led initiatives to build, maintain and use basic toilets.

UNICEF’s work in hygiene is aimed at nurturing good hygiene practices, especially handwashing with soap. Although it sounds simple, this act is essential to prevent disease and the health of children.

Which talents are UNICEF looking for?

For positions within WASH UNICEF often looks for candidates with education and experience from the following fields:
Public health, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, hydrology, geology, sanitation engineering, or a field relevant to international development assistance in WASH.

How UNICEF works with WASH


UNICEF works with nutrition with a broad approach across the lifecycle. In humanitarian crises contexts, UNICEF mobilizes a coordinated and timely emergency response to safeguard the health and nutritional status of those who need it most. Through its programmes UNICEF is working to make good nutrition a reality for the children, families and communities that need it most.

UNICEF takes action to:

  • Improve breastfeeding and complementary feeding
  • Tackle micronutrient deficiencies
  • Treat and prevent severe acute malnutrition
  • Link nutrition support with the treatment of HIV/AIDS
  • Respond rapidly and effectively to nutrition emergencies
  • Improve adolescent and maternal nutrition
  • Prevent overweight and obesity
  • Incorporate nutrition into the work of its partners in other fields, such as health, water and sanitation

Which talents are UNICEF looking for?

For positions within nutrition UNICEF often looks for candidates with education and experience from the following fields:
Nutrition, public health, nutritional epidemiology, global/international health and nutrition, health/nutrition research, policy and/or management, or other health related science field

How UNICEF works with Nutrition

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