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Webinar: Perfect Pitch - The art and science of 'pitching' yourself

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by Impactpool

Whether it is for a CV, an interview, or a network meeting, you need to know what you want to convey in your pitch. Impactpool has invited career coach Dr. Amaya Gillespie to share with you 'The art and science of pitching yourself.'

So, you are on the hunt for a new opportunity, right?… And so you launch into top speed on all the right things you should do. You tweak your CV – in fact, so many times even you might not recognise yourself as the same person in the CV!  You have scoured the job ads, and practiced interviews in the mirror. You have "networked your networks” like a pro, working the room at all the right conferences and events. Then, out of the blue, you find yourself in the elevator with the head of one of your ‘dream’ organisations and you muster up the courage to tell her just that. (Well done!)… And then, surprise, surprise, she looks interested and replies with the question, “So what kind of opportunity are you looking for?”… And you freeze! Why is that?

Most people struggle with conveying a clear and concise message about what they are good at, and how their experience would be valuable in a new position.  So you are not alone! Interviews are one thing, but getting an interview is not so easy these days – An impressive ‘pitch’ is what can land you not only an interview but also that job of your dreams.

If you could do with a few tips to sharpen your pitch, Impactpool would like to invite you to join Amaya Gillespie in this interactive webinar session.


“Perfect Pitch - The art and science of 'pitching' yourself”: An interactive webinar on how to effectively pitch yourself for that next opportunity you are seeking – which means discussing the dos and don’ts of conveying who you are and what you are good at when someone asks you ‘What kind of opportunity are you looking for?” The webinar will include:

  • What to do if I don’t know what I want to do
  • Fun ways to hone ‘your story’
  • 7 common mistakes, including how to not sound weird when talking about yourself

Watch the recording


Where else can you find a safe space to share your thoughts on these issues with people who understand and can provide practical pathways to mastering your personal pitch? Family, and even good friends tend to have a set idea of who you are, so it can be hard for them to imagine you in a new role or taking steps that they haven’t. Colleagues understand the context, but it can feel risky to be too open about your vulnerabilities in your workplace.  You can also ask specific questions in advance when you register.  Ultimately, pitching yourself is something you can do in a manner that feels natural, once you have some guidance and a few insider tips to help you along.


This webinar is for anyone who is thinking about or actively transitioning to a new employment opportunity whether in international development or elsewhere.

The presenter is Dr. Amaya Gillespie, who will run the webinar. A little background on her is provided here:

Amaya has worked with the UN system for more than 25 years and has lived and worked in every region of the world.  She has first-hand experience in navigating a career in international development and has had great success in supporting many people inside and outside the UN to find a fulfilling career path.

See what some of our coaching clients have said about Amaya:

“Amaya is inspirational on many levels…Personally I can confirm that taking coaching with Amaya was one of the best investment decisions ever…”  Design thinking expert, academic, UAE.

“As a person who often gets excited about doing new things, but finds it hard to stay committed to them, I have benefited from Amaya's ability to keep me focused and grounded, by providing useful insights on how I can best use my abilities and opportunities...” Remmy, Public Health, Mental Health Adviser, South Africa

…”She [Amaya] is such a pleasure to work with; a fantastic teacher, colleague and development expert. Her years of experience truly transformed the emergency landscape in Sierra Leone and left me inspired to continue doing development work. She is a brilliant asset to a team and a fantastic leader and mentor.”
Fatou, Activist, and Innovation and Gender Adviser, Sierra Leone.

“Amaya is an expert communicator and clear about goals and how to achieve them. She's also a wonderful professional colleague. I would recommend her work.”  Elaine, International Development Expert, Australia.

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