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Webinar Recording: What is your next international career step?

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by Anna Cope
Career Coach

With over 20 years in HR for the UN, Impactpool Career Coach Anna Cope shares during this Fellow exclusive webinar, how to transition from one organisation to another, how to deal with the ups and downs that come with international careers and how to get on to the next level.  


This webinar recording is for you who are curious about how to take your current career to a new organisation especially those working in a smaller entity looking to join a bigger one. 


Aigning what you have with what they are looking for: Don’t say to yourself - “well I don’t have that on my CV therefore I will not apply”. Rather say “How can I translate what I have into the kind of language they probably be looking at and shortlisting against”. Anna explains how it is a question of applying the kinds of techniques and understanding what you have as an individual vs what other organisations are looking for. It is in fact a Translation work rather than not being capable of making the leap. At the end of the day, despite the organisation you work in, we are all trying to make a positive impact to make the world a better place, one way or the other. 


The lingo - Humanitarian Terminologies: glossary of common humanitarian words & phrases! - How can we make those words make sense to translate to a CV or message! 


What is meant by international work experience?


Keyword searching - realising the many job titles that you could apply for that you would not have otherwise thought off


The benefits of knowing one/two of the UN official languages and why it is important especially for agency beneficiaries.


Degrees - example using a legal degree 


Questions from the audience 


What the webinar attendants had to say:


"Very useful webinar indeed. Makes the search for international roles all the more hopeful. Thank you so very much." 


"This webinar was extremely useful. I am a fellow and will soon be approaching a coach for further assistance. I am confident that if I attend more of these seminars and speak with a coach, I will obtain a position in the UN System or any one of these places. Congratulations”.


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