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Webinar: Strategies for effective interviewing

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by Marlene Bjornfot
Community Manager

Do you want to have a better understanding of job interviews? What does the interviewer look for? How do you answer tough interview questions effectively and convincingly? Impactpool's coach Chibesa Angela Mwape will cover this and more in her webinar March 2.

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"Tell us about yourself" 

Why does this interview question, make candidates uneasy and dry-mouthed?  Could it be because it is considered one of the toughest interview questions? Why are job interviews so stressful, or are they?  Why does an invitation to an interview bring about a mixed sense of excitement and a high level of jitters?

Reports show that the most common concern that interview candidates experience is apprehension and unpreparedness.  

So, whether you are looking for strategies on interview management, or if you feel unprepared for an upcoming interview, Impactpool would like to invite you to join Chibesa Angela Mwape in a session that talks about:

  • The real reason for job interviews
  • What hiring managers really look for in a candidate during an interview
  • 10 top subtleties that interviewers look for
  • How to answer tough interview questions effectively and convincingly
  • Managing pre- and during interview stress
  • Why the image is important
  • 5 top interview hacks

Why should you attend this webinar?

Because it is an opportunity to learn how to transform interviews into job offers.
You will also have the chance to book a mock interview at a discounted rate* with an excellent selection of handouts.

You can provide your advance questions while registering by Thursday, 1st March 2018

Praise for Chibesa’s interview coaching skills: Chibesa “is highly effective and highly professional ….”  She “had me rework my resume and interview approach (using videotaped mock interviews she organized) that resulted in landing an extremely competitive job. She's very knowledgeable, thoughtful and kind.



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Chibesa Angela is one of Impactpool's career coaches. Read more about Chibesa Angela

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* Available to a Limited amount of clients, specific terms apply and will be shared in the webinar

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