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Why the Corona crisis is the best time to transition into the World Bank?

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by Henrik Rydén
COO and Co-founder of Impactpool

In fact, it is not only the World Bank that will recruit more as a result of the current pandemic, but all development banks will face an increased talent demand. In this fellow article, I share why now is a good time to initiate your transition journey into a development bank. I guide you on what career grade to target and I give you a hint of a future career profile that today is lacking. A profile that could be your golden-ticket to your dream job at one of the development banks.

Listen to Impactpool Career Coach Stefano Olmeti, World Bank's former Executive Coaching Director as he shares his advice on how to be in a better position to negotiate your salary in the World Bank, not only how to land a job faster and reach a director position at the World Bank Group but also how to survive and succeed there.  


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