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Learn about the World Food Programme's compensation package for international staff and simulate your potential future salary!

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by Impactpool

World Food Programme (WFP) offers an attractive compensation package and benefits, including basic salary, post adjustment, travel and shipment allowances, annual leave, home leave entitlement, education grant for eligible dependent children, pension plan, and medical insurance packages. In this article, we help you simulate your potential salary for an assignment with WFP on an international staff contract.

When you work for the WFP as an international staff, several factors are taken into consideration to determine the salary. The three main factors are:

  1. Base salary - The base salary depends on the grade level of the job (see further information below);
  2. Duty Station - The location where you serve impacts the total salary. To ensure the same purchasing power for staff at a certain level, the post adjustment is added to the base salary. The post adjustment is based on the locations' costs of living. If you serve in a location with a high cost of living the "Post Adjustment" is higher than in a location with lower costs of living.
  3. Civil status - Your civil status and whether or not you have children also impacts your salary. Depending on your situation, you might receive a spouse allowance, single parent allowance, or child allowance(s).
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