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UN Senior Women Talent Pipeline - 2022 Intake is open

Become a member of the Senior Women Talent Pipeline - Now is the Time to Lead

The Senior Women Talent Pipeline (SWTP) is working to ensure gender parity at the Senior level by creating a dedicated talent pool of qualified female candidates for leadership-level positions in UN Peace Operations, as well as to attempt to re-balance the skewed geographical representation in the current membership.

The SWTP provides personalized support for high-potential women in preparing to apply for senior positions in UN Peace Operations through the UN staff selection system.

Candidates accepted to the SWTP receive support in the recruitment process for roster assessments and/or recruitment processes for specific positions in UN Peace Operations. Coaching and mentoring on issues such as leadership, substantive topics, and the application process are also offered.

The 2022 intake focuses on leaders in the areas of Political Affairs, Peace and Security; Logistics and Supply chain; and Public Information.

Senior Women Talent Pipeline, Anno 2022

Apply or Nominate

Apply or Nominate someone to the SWTP - closing date 31 August

UNDOS - United Nations Department of Operational Support

Time to Lead

Thanks to SWTP - Women in Peacekeeping is a growing force and gender parity is within reach

While progress has been made on gender parity at the UN at large, advances in the field have been slow and inconsistent. The SWTP is the Secretariat’s flagship project aimed at supporting gender parity among civilians in the field. The SWTP is comprised of a geographically diverse pool of about 260 members.

The SWTP supports members as they apply for senior positions in UN field missions at the P5 to D2 levels. Since 2014, no less than 57 appointments have been made for members of the SWTP at the P5 to USG levels.

The focus of the Pipeline is candidates external to the UN Secretariat. Increasing the number of externally recruited candidates will be necessary if the Secretariat is to meet its gender parity goals by 2028.

Insights | The 2022 SWTP Job families and some frequent questions

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