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Your Practical Career Guide: How to Launch a Meaningful and Rewarding Career (Mid-level career edition)

Get closer to your dream job with our second book written by Henrik Ryden, Co-Founder and COO of Impactpool

In these books, we share our stories, the challenges we faced, and the decisions we made to secure positions in some of the most prestigious international organizations in the world.

What could be better than learning from professionals who have taken the same journey and succeeded?

We share concrete, honest advice on how you best approach jobs at mid-level career strategically - we introduce career enablers, transition strategies and the skills that brings you ‘luck’ when applying for jobs in the most competitive Impact organizations in the World.

We give you the basics to advance your career or to transition in to a role in the Impact Sector

We help you to understand Career catalysts, tips how you can apply smarter and what will enable you to succeed and eventually land the prestigious job that you dream of.

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Congratulations, I was waiting for it! Very much look forward to reading and using it as a reference.

Adey Makonnen, Impactpool coach


  • Author: Henrik Ryden, Co-founder and COO of Impactpool
  • Publication date: November 8th, 2018
  • Language: English
  • Number of pages: 77

Table of content

  • Part I - Career enablers, transition points and most recruited profiles
  • Chapter 1 - Mid-level career qualifications
  • Chapter 2 - 10 enablers for a successful career
  • Chapter 3 - Apply smart to make yourself employable!
  • Chapter 4 - Skills and experience to have
  • Chapter 5 - Understand competencies and find your own transitioning point
  • Chapter 6 - Opportunity scan: The most commonly recruited career profiles
  • Chapter 7 - Turn quotas to your advantage
  • Part II- Mid-career level contracts, titles, grades and salaries
  • Chapter 8 A guide to mid-level career contract types and grades in International Organizations
  • Chapter 9 Remuneration packages in International Organizations

Free extract

Chapter 1 – Mid-level career qualifications

In our first book (How to launch a meaningful career at an International Organization), you were provided with the tools to determine your current career level, and this version of the second part in the series is aimed at individuals who find themselves at a mid-level career stage.

This chapter contains advice pertaining to mid-level career aspirations. The following chapter builds on transferable competencies and provides career advice to both external applicants and current staff members (internal applicants).

Advice pertaining to mid-level careers

The mid-level career stage at an International Organization is considered to constitute vacancies requiring 5 to 10 years of professional work experience.The table below gives a general overview of the minimum requirements for mid-level career positions in the sector.

Career level Years of experience Degree Language Career grades
mid-level career 5-9 years ( in rarecases, mid-level positions in crisis locations can require 3 years of experience) Master's degree Differs, but always indicated in the job description see chapter 8

Mid-career level positions requiring between 5 and 10 years of experience.

Jobs requiring five years of experience constitute of the more competitive career levels of the sector for both internal and external applicants, and many applicants will have more than the five years of experience required.

Impactpool’s recruitment data shows that the volume of applicants begins to decrease significantly towards the more…

What a tremendous piece of work this represents! It should be recommended reading for HR staff in the UN system. It will certainly also help anyone to get a greater understanding of what it takes to find a job in the UN. The booklet contains real, hands-on, useful information and indeed spelling it out is so important.

Anna Cope, HR Consultant / Career Coach / Small Business Owner