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Exclusive guide to prepare for your next Senior Talent Pool Assessment

Cover senior assessments guide

Use The Senior Assessment Guide as the preparation kit for your next Talent Pool assessment. This guide is focusing at Senior Assessment Centres, but Impactpool has an ocean of other Interview content if you are looking to prepare for your Senior Competency Based Interview assessment.

In this eBook we offer you a comprehensive guide to Senior Candidate Pools. The eBook start looking at when the talent pool concept started at the UN and describes three senior pools:

  1. The UN Resident Coordinator Pool
  2. The Country Director Pool
  3. The Deputy Country Director Pool

The eBook describes the different pools, how you get in them, how you are assessed, and how you finally get selected. These pools primarily target senior internal staff at the UN, but we also describe how external leaders have successfully gained access to pools in the past.

This eBook is written by experts in recruitment to International organizations and includes tips that you will find nowhere else!

This is the first eBook of its kind. There is no other book out there describing the UN Candidate Pools. The eBook costs $50, but is included free of charge in the Fellow membership.


This guide is included in the Impactpool Fellowship

The Impactpool Fellowship includes the Senior assessment guide and other learning material for a value of USD 60+

USD 50


  • Author: Henrik Ryden
  • Publication date: February 23rd, 2017
  • Language: English
  • Number of pages: 44

Table of content

  • Part 1: About the UN Assessment Centre for senior executives
  • Part 2: How to become a member of a Senior Candidate Pool?
  • Part 3: How can someone become a member of a Candidate Pool?
  • Part 4: The day-by-day structure at the Assessment Centre?
  • Part 5: What are the components of a common UN Assessment Centre
  • Part 6: Competencies and Skills at the Candidate Pool assessment
  • Part 7: How is the selection made?