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Program Officers, Accreditation Unit/Multicountry Programs Division


  • Organization: APO - Asian Productivity Organization
  • Location: Japan
  • Grade: Mid level - Mid
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Engineering
    • Economics
  • Closing Date: Closed



Directorate:                 Program Directorate

Division/Unit:               Accreditation Unit

Post:                            Program Officer

Classification:             Professional Category


General Duties:

Under the direction and general supervision of the Principal Officer, Program Directorate, the Program Officer undertakes the development, implementation, evaluation, and follow-up of assigned programs and projects under the APO Accreditation and Certification Program. The main duties include implementing the APO Accreditation Program and projects; development of APO Certification Bodies (CBs), development of certification programs; and implementing the APO National Award Program.


Specific Duties:

1.     Research, formulate, and develop projects and program plans under the APO Accreditation and Certification Program for inclusion in the annual and biennium program plan, along with implementation plans and budgets.

2.     Lead the operation of the APO Accreditation Body (APO-AB) Unit, including organizing the annual APO-AB Council Meeting and document preparation, managing and conducting the assessment activities of APO CBs, reviewing and updating the accreditation and certification scheme procedures and documents, and handling communications with APO-AB Council members and APO CBs.

3.     Prepare assigned project/s documents such as Project Notifications and Project Implementation Plans, identify experts or resource persons, prepare Letters of Assignment/Acceptance, schedules of daily activities/itineraries, correspondence, and similar documents, while ensuring both timeliness and high levels of document quality and clarity.

4.     Coordinate with NPOs and implementing organizations of project host members on schedules, design programs including follow-up based on analysis and synthesis in cooperation with relevant stakeholders and prepare all administrative documents.  

5.     Review and coordinate new CB applications and promotion campaigns of established CBs and prepare office memos for approval of specific interventions related to new projects.

6.     Manage and coordinate the screening and selection of participants and identification and assignment of resource persons for projects.

7.     Undertake the coordination of project implementation, evaluation, and follow-up activities.

8.     Monitor, review, and report the outputs and outcomes of programs and projects/activities implemented.

9.     Engage in various activities related to APO member economies including annual meetings of the APO Governing Body, National Productivity Organizations, and Liaison Officers, and manage communications with a specific member country as its country officer.

10.  Review, assess, and implement the recommendations and suggestions of resource persons, lecturers, experts, and participants for continuous improvement.


11.  Support and guide the work of General Service support staff.

12.  Perform other duties that may be assigned by the Secretary-General.







Department:                 Program Directorate

Division:                      Multicountry Programs Division 1

Post:                            Program Officer

Classification: Professional


General Duties:

Under the direction and general supervision of the Principal Officer, Program Directorate, reporting to the Head of Division, the Program Officer is responsible for contributing various inputs in support of the development, implementation, evaluation, and reporting of specific programs and projects, mainly in but not limited to the public/private sector and general areas of productivity and socioeconomic development.


Specific Duties:

1.     Coordinate and monitor the execution of assigned multicountry projects in the industry, service, agriculture, and public sectors in line with project work plans, implementation schedules, and budgets;

2.     Research and analyze new subjects in the industry, service, agriculture, and public sectors to support the development of programs and projects for inclusion in the annual and two-year programs;

3.     Contribute to the identification and development of initiatives to enhance the capacities and competencies of National Productivity Organizations (NPOs) and relevant institutions in member economies, including selecting and summarizing background information, assessing local contexts, and drafting segments of proposals and other required documents;

4.     Implement assigned projects including providing support for the timely start of project phases or components, taking action with respect to logistic and administrative arrangements, cooperating with relevant authorities and partners, and identifying problems or challenges and proposing corrective actions;

5.     Participate in project monitoring and evaluation and prepare inputs to support project reporting requirements;

6.     Work in assigned cross-functional teams to help deliver collective APO/Secretariat outcomes;

7.     Support and guide the work of General Service staff in close consultation and coordination with the Head of Division;

8.     Prepare technical inputs to support activities involving APO members, including the annual APO Governing Body Meeting and Workshop Meeting of Heads of National Productivity Organizations, and manage communications with assigned members as the country officer;

9.     Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Head of Division or Principal Officer.


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