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RFP - for Hiring a Communication Agency for BCC material development for A...

Asia and the Pacific: India

  • Organization: FHI 360 - Family Health International
  • Location: Asia and the Pacific: India
  • Grade: Consultancy - Consultant - Contractors Agreement
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Public Health and Health Service
    • Communication and Public Information
    • Women's Empowerment and Gender Mainstreaming
    • Education, Learning and Training
    • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Closing Date: Closed

TERMS OF REFERENCE for Hiring a Communication Agency for BCC material development for Aging PLHIV
Opening Date
19 April 2024, Friday
Queries to seek clarifications invited on or before
25 April 2024, Thursday
Closing date for submitting technical and financial proposal
3 May 2024, Friday
1.About FHI 360 and EpiC Project:
FHI 360 is a global development organization with a rigorous, evidence-based approach. Our professional staff includes experts in health, nutrition, education, economic development, civil society, environment, and research. FHI 360 operates from sixty offices with 4,400 staff in the U.S. and around the world. We have worked with 1,400 partners in 125 countries, forging strong relationships with governments, diverse organizations, the private sector, and communities. Our commitment to partnerships at every level and our multidisciplinary approach enable us to have a lasting impact on the individuals, communities, and countries we serve–improving lives for millions. 
EpiC is an eight-year global project funded by the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). In India, EpiC works to strengthen organizational capacity of local civil society organizations (CSOs) working with key populations and people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Maharashtra and Telangana states.
2.Background to the Scope of Work:  
As of the end of 2021, India had 2.4 million PLHIV, with 1.56 million on Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) by March 2022. Mathematical models projected that the mean age of HIV-infected individuals would rise from 38.4 years in 2005 to 45.5 years in 2025, with the proportion of those aged 50 years or older increasing from 19% to 37% during the same period. Global studies predict that by 2030, 73% of PLHIV will be aged 50 years or older. As the life expectancy of PLHIV is improving, they experience a disproportionate number of comorbidities and premature onset of geriatric syndromes, such as frailty.
The National Coalition of People Living with HIV (NCPI+) is a community-based organization (CBO) representing the voices of PLHIV across India. With a strong regional presence in Pune, NCPI+ is supported by the Network of Maharashtra by People Living With HIV/AIDS (NMP+), providing essential services and support to 20,000 PLHIV in Maharashtra. Under EpiC, NMP+ is being supported to demonstrate community-based integrated healthcare model for addressing care of chronic co-morbidities and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among 1,000 PLHIV aged 40 years and above in Pune both from the private and public sector.
3.EpiC Project Activity on Aging & HIV:  
A package of services will be provided to the eligible PLHIV that will include screening for – hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancers (oral, cervical and breast), and cardiovascular disease (CVD) and mental health screening (anxiety and depression).
4.How to Apply:
1.Technical proposal:
  • Agencies are encouraged to put-in a brief proposal (could be shared in a written format 5-7 pages or power point format 15-20 slides) highlighting their background and credentials of similar work undertaken in the recent past.
  • An outline on the way this assignment will be approached to be defined. We are interested to know how the agency proposes to creatively handle the content keeping age categories of the aging PLHIV in mind and the mode of delivery – home setting or facility setting.
  • The proposal should mention the timeline for completing the deliverables with an end date of 30th September 2024 which is non-negotiable.
  • A few work samples of similar work supported in the past to be shared electronically.
  • Information about the personnel that would be working on this project to be provided.
  • Names and contact details of up to 3 clients with summary of the scope of work undertaken for them. 
5.Financial proposal:
A detailed budget with estimated input costs for the above scope is requested. The proposed budget must be within the budget cap of Rs.20 lakhs. Budget to include personnel level of effort and cost, travel including boarding/lodging (average travel cost to be estimated considering the travel to be made to Pune). Applicable taxes to be estimated additionally.
6.Payment terms:
  • Payments: All payments will be linked to deliverables. The agency will need to provide a breakup of the total budget against the deliverables listed above.
  • The deliverables will be submitted to the Technical Specialist – HIV Adjacent Areas, EpiC India for review. Once the deliverable is approved, the agency can raise an invoice for the amount linked to that deliverable. 
  • In case of substantial change in the scope of work, based on mutual agreement, timelines will be revised. 
7.Selection Criteria and Weightage       
Suggested Approach / Methodology & Timelines
Experience (with examples of success/results)
Proposed Human Resource
Reasonableness of Cost (based on proposed BCC materials package)
The technical and financial proposals or questions on the RFP are to be sent to the following contacts: FHI 360 India at with the ‘RfP for Hiring a Communication Agency for BCC material development for Aging PLHIV’ mentioned in the subject of the email. Queries to seek clarifications on the RfP can be sent to the same email id and with the same subject line as mentioned above on/before 25 April 2024

For detailed information, please check the complete version of the RFP attached below. 

This vacancy is now closed.
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