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Proposal Writing on Analyzing the Impact of Educational Policies

Remote | Port Moresby

  • Organization: UNV - United Nations Volunteers
  • Location: Remote | Port Moresby
  • Grade: Level not specified - Level not specified
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Operations and Administrations
    • Development Cooperation and Sustainable Development Goals
    • Education, Learning and Training
    • Innovations for Sustainable Development
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    • Grant writing
    • Impact assessment
  • Closing Date: Closed


Mission and objectives

Morobe Development Foundation Inc. is a leading Internationally recognised NGO based in Lae Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea who has the vision to help young people reach their full potential by utilizing their hidden talents in community development initiatives so they can realize their potential and become a role model in the community. MDF was established to address a broader and more diverse range of objectives and work through the use of dance, music and drama, MDF’s primary aim is to ensure that women participate equally in decision making in any project undertaken, including projects related to Ending Violence against Women, and promoting Human Rights with a aim to support the Government and UN their Development Goals. MDF, in collaboration with Online Volunteers engaged through the UNV's Unified Volunteer Platform (UVP), has also undertaken various scientific research studies related to the environment - forest cover loss, land use land cover change, the influence of various parameters on surface waters, and coastal shoreline turtle habitat loss. These projects included the participation of various experts and researchers from diverse fields across various countries across the globe - ranging from marine biology, biodiversity conservation, PNG community management, remote sensing, and land use policy among various others. MDF is managed by a management committee, which is made up of the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, Secretary, the Treasurer, the Project Coordinator, Community Development Officer, and a male and female member of the foundation, and ensures that women participate equally in decision making. We at MDF assert that we have the required skill sets, knowledge, established international network, and the necessary foundational work to undertake projects successfully.


MDF is concerned with the development of the community, and education is an important part of that. We need to tailor some creative proposals to the local situation for the local administration's reference, this task focuses on the relationship between the policies of local education and students' performance, we hope to understand the impact between them in the form of a literature review. The project is designed to understand how educational strategies affect learning outcomes in economically and socially disadvantaged regions focusing on the background of PNG. This research aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4), which aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. By focusing on underprivileged areas, this study seeks to contribute valuable insights into the effectiveness of current educational policies and their direct impact on student performance. The findings will be crucial for developing more targeted and effective educational strategies that can bridge the gap in educational attainment and support the achievement of SDG 4. We will incorporate what we have learned about the impact of education policy on pupil attainment in the results of this task so that we can remind our funded schools in PNG of the role of education policy, as well as share the results of this research to the Department of Education for their reference. The proposal will be submitted to donors who are able to fund this project.

Task description

We are seeking the support of three online volunteers for this research project, each with a specific task: 1. Policy Analysis: Analyse various educational policies and their implementation in underprivileged areas; these areas to be developed include several villages in Morobe province, with specific information provided by MDF. This includes reviewing policy documents, educational frameworks, and reform initiatives to understand their intended impact on student performance. The manifestation of this result requires the creation of a table that clarifies the advantages and disadvantages, the effects, and the evaluation of educational policies based on the analysis of the material we provide. This will help us to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the policies in question and provide us with more specific information. 2. Data Collection and Analysis: Gather and analyse data on student performance in underprivileged areas. This involves designing surveys, conducting interviews, or utilising existing datasets to assess the impact of educational policies. The main sources of these data are publicly available, including academic websites, information websites, publications, and so on. Based on the collected data, volunteers then do visual image processing while relying on their expertise to express professional opinions on the figures. 3. Research Proposal Writing: Compile the findings of the policy analysis and data collection into a coherent research proposal. This document should clearly articulate the research objectives, methodology, expected outcomes, and the potential impact on educational policy and practice. The completion of this task is based on the first two, and it is sufficient for this volunteer to complete the compilation.

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