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CCAC Junior National Consultant for Mexico


  • Organization: UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme
  • Location: Paris
  • Grade: Consultancy - National Consultant - Locally recruited Contractors Agreement
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Climate Change
  • Closing Date:

Result of Service
The CCAC Junior National Consultant for Mexico will provide support to the National Institute for Ecology and Climate Change (INECC) modelling unit to develop policy scenarios and strategies on air quality, climate change and energy efficiency. The consultant will also support seeking information activities, evaluation, review and integration of the information generated throughout the most recent activity reported from the ongoing SLCP projects and CCAC activities in Mexico in the modelling tool, review and ensure the integrate the information more recent and accurate. This support will serve as inputs to the model, including the project to "Strengthen national SLCP planning and implementation processes while increasing action on methane mitigation" approved in 2022 by the CCAC, as well as new relevant information. The consultant will work closely with the Federal Ministry of Environment (SEMARNAT) and will be working with the modelling unit at INECC.
Work Location
Expected duration
12 months
Duties and Responsibilities
The Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) is a partnership of governments, intergovernmental organizations, and representatives of the private sector, the environmental community and other members of civil society. The CCAC is the only international initiative working on integrated climate and clean air solutions to reduce the rate of near-term warming. It focuses on fast action to reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) including methane, black carbon, HFCs and tropospheric ozone. More information on the CCAC is available at: Mexico is a founding member of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition and has set ambitious targets and policies to mitigate SLCP as integral efforts to tackle air pollution and near-term climate change. Mexico has adopted targets to reduce SLCP emissions, including a 25% reduction target for black carbon emissions in their 2015 climate change commitments that could increase to as much as 40% with international support. Mexico has worked closely with CCAC in multiple initiatives, including participating in the previous SNAP (Supporting National Planning) initiative to initiate a national planning exercise on SLCP mitigation. To do this, the CCAC helped create institutional capacity within the National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change (INECC) so that SLCP mitigation activities could be coordinated across all relevant ministries, agencies, and research institutions. Then, an extensive consultative process began to identify primary emissions sources as well as data and information gaps. Then a national SLCP inventory was created, and Mexico’s Special Programme on Climate Change was launched in 2014, with a focus on SLCP reductions. Mexico was further a partner in the 2013 Global Strategy to Introduce Low Sulphur Fuels and Cleaner Diesel Vehicles, the first global plan to reduce small particulate and black carbon emissions from cars, buses, and trucks by over 90 percent by 2030. Mexico has also been involved in the CCAC’s gas flaring technology demonstrations, a critical way to reduce methane emissions. Many of these efforts culminated in 2019 when Mexico launched a National Strategy to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, which recognizes the potential of achieving local air quality benefits while reducing near-term temperature increase. Implementing the strategy will achieve its Black Carbon reduction targets by 2030. This strategy was bolstered in 2020 by the Integrated SLCP strategy to Improve Air Quality and Reduce the Impact of Climate Change, which was developed by the INECC. The strategy identifies nine mitigation measures across eight sectors including transport, sugar mills, brick kilns, livestock, air conditioning, solid waste, and residential energy. Mexico is also a partner of the Global Methane Pledge aimed to catalyse global action and strengthen support for existing international methane emission reduction initiatives to advance technical and policy work that will serve to underpin national actions. More information on the Mexico’s efforts to mitigate SLCP is available at: In this context, Mexico through the INECC has requested support from the CCAC to hire a CCAC Junior National Consultant for Mexico to support the acquisition of relevant information for the development of policy scenarios and strategies on air quality, climate change and energy efficiency, which will allow the generation of inputs for national and subnational policies and compliance with the new NDCs commitments for Mexico. The consultant will also work with the Federal Ministry of Environment (SEMARNAT) and will be working with the modelling unit at INECC. In this sense, the CCAC is therefore seeking a CCAC Junior National Consultant for Mexico to support the capacity of the INECC modelling unit to provide technical support for generate inputs for SLCP mitigation planning processes also in compliance with the new NDCs commitments for Mexico. The consultant will also provide support to ongoing and future CCAC-funded projects, more precisely “[MX-22-001 – Deliver a SLCP programme]” and “[MX-23-002 – Household energy sector strategy for the state of Puebla]” projects, as required, facilitating inter-ministerial coordination and efficient communication with relevant stakeholders on the ground. The CCAC Junior National Consultant for Mexico will work in close collaboration with the CCAC Secretariat team. Responsibilities include: 1. Support the mechanism in place to ensure inter-ministerial and inter-institutional coordination and efficient communication and collaboration with relevant stakeholders on SLCP mitigation on the ground (e.g., inter-institutional task force, national SLCP unit, etc). • Endorsement at minister/cabinet level of a National SLCP Programme. • Engagement of sub-national governments, and civil society in CCAC partner country. 2. Support during the Draft and final document elaboration, containing technical inputs for national and subnational policies and compliance with the new NDCs commitments of Mexico and analysis of policy scenarios and strategies on air quality, climate change and energy efficiency. 3. Support the capacity built at national level for SLCP mitigation: Trainings given to relevant government departments/ministries on integrated SLCP emission and mitigation assessments leading to: • Integrated (updated/improved) SLCP, GHG and air pollutant emission inventories, mitigation assessments and implementation strategies, and MRV and/or SLCP emission/mitigation tracking system. • Draft and final papers recommending concrete plans and actions to implement SLCP mitigation actions. 4. Support the Draft and final papers demonstrating integration of SLCPs into relevant national/sub-national processes, plans and strategies, including the possibility of having analysis of the integration of the calculation of SLCP emissions in the MRV national system. 5. Support the document summarizing the coordination activities and support to ongoing CCAC-funded projects to assure that outcomes are delivered in a coordinated and timely manner as applicable, more precisely on the current projects “[MX-22-001 – Deliver a SLCP programme]” and “[MX-23-002 – Household energy sector strategy for the state of Puebla]” projects in close coordination with the CCAC Focal Point 6. Support awareness-raising materials developed, and events organized on integrated climate change and air pollution reduction strategies, and the National SLCP Strategy. • Participation at high political level in SLCP relevant events. • Presentations at CCAC online and in-person events and meetings (especially the relevant CCAC Hubs), especially to showcase country’s successes as well as to detail any challenges or requests for assistance. • Add updated partner profile for CCAC website. 7. Collaboration with CCAC from across national government departments. Active participation with sectoral hubs and engagement with implementation facilitators. 8. Support other ad hoc outputs as agreed.
Qualifications/special skills
• Advanced university degree, master or equivalent, in environmental science, economics, politics, international relations or a similar discipline. • A first-level university degree in combination with two additional years of qualifying experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree. • At least 2 years of professional experience working in a field relevant to climate change, air pollution, sustainable development or environment and health is required. • Ability with the acquisition of information for emission inventories, for the identification of contributions by sector, is required. • Knowledge of the national policies in climate change mitigation and air pollution (National Policy of Climate Change and National Strategy of Air Quality) is required. • Communication skills (written and oral presentations) are required. • A good understanding of short-lived climate pollutants, climate change and air pollution issues in the Mexican context is desirable. • Experience working on the acquisition of relevant emissions information is desirable. • The ability to work with advanced formulas in Excel spreadsheet is desirable.
• Fluency in Spanish and English (written and spoken) is essential.
Additional Information
Not available.
No Fee
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