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Climate And Health Consultant

Remote | Beijing

  • Organization: AIIB - Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • Location: Remote | Beijing
  • Grade: Consultancy - Consultant - Contractors Agreement
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Public Health and Health Service
    • Environment
    • Meteorology, Geology and Geography
    • Climate Change
  • Closing Date: 2024-05-23

Application close date


1. Project Background

Interconnected global challenges have brought together MDBs and international organizations to collaborate in safeguarding development gains. Notably, the intersection of climate change and health underscores the urgency of global collective action. The Economics Department is currently preparing the 2024 AIIB Asian Infrastructure Finance (AIF) Report, with a focus on health and its connections to climate and nature. The report aims to offer insights for tackling environmental-health issues through infrastructure and to support the development of AIIB’s Health Strategy. Among the numerous climate hazards, heat waves pose significant global health risks, with countries in Southeast Asia being particularly vulnerable to their detrimental effects. Despite the well-documented impacts of climate change globally, research into its health implications in Southeast Asia remains sporadic and geographically limited. This shortfall is primarily due to data constraints, and because most studies have so far been confined to individual cities or countries, it significantly hinders our understanding of the regional health impacts and economic costs associated with climate change. Infrastructure investments are crucial to adaptation strategies and may lead to varied health outcomes from heat waves across different countries and income groups. AIIB's strategic focus and thematic priorities uniquely position it to advance transformative solutions that integrate health benefits with climate initiatives. By leveraging its infrastructure expertise and emphasizing regional connectivity, AIIB can support its members in developing effective adaptation strategies to mitigate the health effects of climate change.

2. Objectives of the Assignment

The primary goal of this assignment is to evaluate the health risks associated with heat waves in multiple Southeast Asian countries, identify effective adaptation strategies, and provide insights for AIIB's infrastructure investments. To achieve this, the project will conduct a comprehensive analysis of morbidity and mortality from heat-related illnesses in Southeast Asian countries, assess the economic impacts, and explore the differential effects across different countries and various demographic groups. The study aims to bridge existing knowledge gaps by utilizing a broad range of data sources to perform a region-wide assessment. This will enhance our understanding of how socio-economic, cultural, and infrastructural factors contribute to vulnerability to heat waves. The findings will inform the development of targeted mitigation and adaptation strategies to protect populations at risk from the adverse health effects of heat waves. Additionally, recognizing the critical role of adaptation strategies, this proposal will investigate infrastructure investments such as improved access to electricity and enhanced transportation facilities, as well as defensive measures like air conditioning and air purifiers. It will identify which types of infrastructure are most effective in mitigating health risks associated with heat waves within specific country contexts. This assignment shall provide a thorough assessment of the health impacts of heatwaves in Southeast Asian countries and propose targeted adaptation strategies through infrastructure investment, contributing to AIIB's AIF 2024.

3. Scope of Services

1) Collection of health data and profiling of heat waves in Southeast Asian countries. This involves reporting the baseline availability of health data for each country and providing detailed profiles of heat wave events, including their frequency, intensity, duration, the size of the impacted population, and the number of cities affected. 2) Quantitative estimation of the impact of heat waves on health risks. This assessment will be conducted at the individual level across multiple health dimensions, such as health status, clinical visits, death records, stillbirths and miscarriages in pregnant women, and infant mortality during heat wave periods compared to non-heat wave periods. 3) Analysis of the heterogeneous effects of heat waves across different Southeast Asian countries, and exploration of how factors such as economic conditions, infrastructure development, and institutional and cultural elements influence the temperature-health relationship. 4) Mapping patterns of heterogeneity in the effects of heat waves across different demographic groups in selected Southeast Asian countries, identifying which groups are most vulnerable. 5) Quantification of the financial costs associated with health risks induced by heat waves. This includes preliminary calculations of losses in labor participation, the value of statistical life, and additional expenditures on avoidance behaviors.

4. Consultancy Output / Deliverables

The consultant is expected to collect and process relevant data, develop a robust modeling framework, and deliver the results as specified above. The research findings will be incorporated into the AIIB's AIF 2024. As the overall scope of AIF 2024 is still evolving, adjustments to the research focus may be necessary; however, these will not affect the overall project duration or the number of days allocated. The deliverables will include the relevant datasets along with a document providing a detailed description of the methodologies and results. Additionally, the consultant will also assist in drafting and reviewing the chapter content for AIF 2024, as well as refining the research findings for academic publication. The deliverables, along with their respective timelines, are outlined as follows: 1) Health data collection and processing – July 5, 2024; 2) Heat wave profiling and a detailed description of methodologies and modeling framework – July 31, 2024; 3) Delivery of preliminary analytical results – September 13, 2024; 4) Preparation of a slide pack for the presenting research findings – September 30, 2024; 5) Review and comments on the AIF chapter – by October 30, 2024; 6) Refinement of the work into a research article – by February 28, 2025.

5. Implementation Arrangement

The consultant is expected to work remotely, for 2 days per week from 27th May to 28th February 2025. Additionally, he/she will have weekly discussions with the project manager in the Economics Department to monitor project progress and ensure any feedback from the Department will be considered and incorporated accordingly.

6. Support to the Consultant by the Bank

The Economics Department will assist the consultant in obtaining the necessary data as required.

7. Knowledge Transfer and Training

Upon completion of the project, the consultant is expected to deliver a presentation to the Economics Department and to the entire bank during a knowledge-sharing session, where he/she will outline the methodologies and share the research findings from the research.

Qualification Requirement

PhD in environmental economics or health economics, with an in-depth understanding of the intersection between climate change and health domains. Excellent econometric analysis and modelling skills are required. A solid research track record, including quantitative studies on the health impacts of climate change, as demonstrated by publications in academic journals, is essential. The ideal candidate will possess excellent written and spoken English, alongside outstanding communication and presentation skills. International work experience is highly desirable.

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