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Monitoring and Evaluation Support for International 7th Istanbul Children and Youth Art Biennial


  • Organization: UNV - United Nations Volunteers
  • Location: Türkiye
  • Grade: Level not specified - Level not specified
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Youth
    • HIV and AIDS
    • Culture and Sport
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Children's rights (health and protection)
  • Closing Date: Closed


Mission and objectives

The purpose of our association; Women have equal rights and responsibilities with men in all decision-making bodies, especially in politics, and in the organization of family and society, Ensuring that women are represented equally with men in political decision-making processes, thus preventing under-participation, The woman; Becoming a respected member of economic, social and political life, Ensuring equality in status and outcomes between women and men, To work to strengthen democracy and increase civic awareness.


The monitoring and evaluation online volunteers will assess the effectiveness and success of the biennial using the monitoring and evaluation tools they develop. Additionally, they will contribute to the development of the biennial by preparing reports and strategic improvement suggestions. At the 7th Biennial, 5,250 children and young people from 12 countries and 25 provinces are participating with 579 projects. Additionally, 170 public and free workshops, talks, panels, and activities continued until May 23. The Executive Committee, Evaluation Committee, Volunteer Guides, and the biennial team, 95% of whom are volunteers, will handle the submission of visual works in the exhibition area, distribution of participation and appreciation certificates, documentation archiving, and the closing of the biennial. The monitoring and evaluation team will provide crucial data for measuring the effectiveness and success of the biennial activities, as well as for planning and improving future events. Additionally, successfully fulfilling this task will enable access to important information that supports our organization's strategic objectives.

Task description

1. Preparation of Monitoring Tools: Online Volunteer (OV) 1 & OV2 • Developing and designing monitoring and evaluation tools. • Ensuring the suitability of the tools to measure the effectiveness and success of the biennial's activities. 2. Data Collection and Analysis: OV3 & OV4 • Collecting and recording data on the events occurring during the biennial. • Analyzing the collected data to make it usable for evaluating the effectiveness and success of the biennial. 3. Report Preparation: OV1 & OV3 • Preparing detailed reports containing the results of the monitoring and evaluation process. • Presenting the strengths of the biennial, areas needing improvement, and strategic recommendations in the reports. 4. Strategic Improvement Recommendations: OV2 & OV4 • Developing strategic improvement recommendations to contribute to the future planning processes of the biennial. • Formulating improvement recommendations to align with the biennial's objectives and the organization's strategic goals. 5. Communication and Collaboration: • Coordinating data collection processes by collaborating with other teams. OV1 & OV2 • Communicating the monitoring and evaluation results and liaising with management to share findings and take necessary corrective actions. OV3 & OV4 6. Feedback and Evaluation: • Providing feedback at the end of the monitoring and evaluation process by reviewing data collection and analysis methods for continuous improvement. OV1 & OV3 These tasks will enable the Monitoring and Evaluation Team to provide critical data for measuring the effectiveness and success of the biennial, planning future events, and contributing to its development.

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