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Internal Audit Office Individual Consultant


  • Organization: AIIB - Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • Location: Beijing
  • Grade: Consultancy - Consultant - Contractors Agreement
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Accounting (Audit, Controlling)
    • Internal audit, Investigation and Inspection
  • Closing Date: Closed

Application close date


1. Project Background

The Internal Audit Office (IAO) provides technical and advisory services to sustain and improve the Bank's governance structures and controls, and mitigate risks associated with legal and policy non-compliance. To that end, the Office leads the development and implementation of the Bank's internal audit strategy and plan, collaborating with internal stakeholders and external partners to safeguard the integrity of the Bank's governance while resolving internal audit issues.

2. Objectives of the Assignment

Reporting to the Chief Internal Audit Officer (CIAO): The Consultant will assist in the development and implementation of the Bank’s internal audit strategy and services. The Consultant will bring innovation and insight to enhance the Bank’s capacity in governance, risk and control assurance. The Consultant will lead Quality Assurance activities within the IAO, developing and implementing policies and processes that cover engagements and internal quality assurance. The Consultant will design systems, tools, and metrics to assess the impact of the Bank’s internal audit mechanisms and controls, aligning them with the Bank’s needs and business priorities. Furthermore, the Consultant will identify opportunities to refine the audit strategy.

3. Scope of Services

• Promote the integrity of IAO’s policies and processes as activities expand. • Synthesize information on existing needs, emerging trends and business priorities into a comprehensive assessment of IAO's governance structures and controls, IT standards, systems and policies, while providing technical guidance to improve compliance. • Plan, schedule and conduct quality assurance activities. • Advise CIAO on the outcomes of the quality assurance activities, and the required changes, if any, to the audit mechanisms. • Establish cycles, processes, and metrics to assess the performance of audit mechanisms and controls in promoting compliance, enhancing the Bank's governance, while identifying opportunities to optimize strategy and processes. • Challenge and/or critically assess existing policy frameworks in their utility to meet the objectives of IAO and/or needs of clients. • Design systems, tools, and metrics to assess the impact of internal audit mechanisms and controls in addressing the Bank's needs and business priorities, while identifying opportunities to refine the audit strategy. • Design, socialize and implement templates for management reporting and stakeholders’ communication. • Develop quality metrics to support introduction/operationalization of new programs/services.

4. Consultancy Output / Deliverables

Deliverables are per what's set out in the scope of services.

5. Implementation Arrangement

Onsite AIIB HQ

6. Support to the Consultant by the Bank

Yes, as needed.

7. Knowledge Transfer and Training

Yes, as needed.

Qualification Requirement

• Advanced Degree in Finance, Business Administration, IT/ Computer Science, or related fields. • Excellent understanding of Multilateral Development Banks’ (MDB) operations, policies, processes, activities and systems. • Specialized experience in internal audit in international organizations or global financial institutions, an understanding of leading internal audit practices, including an in-depth understanding of risks and controls in the development sector environment. • Institutional knowledge and experience working at similar multilateral institutions are a plus. • CIA holder. • Proven ability to conduct internal quality assessments/assurance activities, with a Quality Assessor Certificate or equivalent experience. Possesses deep knowledge of the Standards and best practices in internal auditing. • Demonstrated capacity gained through experience and reflecting subject mastery in Quality Assurance in internal auditing and technology. • Strong focus on innovation, digital transformation, current on evolving auditing standards (Global Internal Audit Standards “GIAS”). • Demonstrated achievement in the execution/delivery of multi-step/layered programs/services. • Ability to build strong relationships, maximize partnering and stakeholder management, and work collaboratively with internal clients and teams. Senior stakeholder engagement skills highly desirable. • Demonstrated skill gained through varied exposure/experience in presentation/promotion. • Fluency in English essential to communicate in writing and speaking

This vacancy is now closed.