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Information Management Consultant - Legal Mapping Tool

I.General objective

The Information Management Consultant is expected to provide input and practical support to the development of a Legal Mapping Tool.

Timeframe:Six weeks (most likely 3x2 week periods, two weeks per month) between 1 November 2015 and 31 January 2016

Location:Home based, if feasible with visits to HQ in Geneva


The Legal Mapping Tool is intended to be a practical tool for data collection and analysis of the legal environment in a country. The purpose of the tool is to map the existing legal environment in a country operation and how it affects the ability of persons of concern to enjoy their rights. The mapping is intended to enable the identification of areas where UNHCR will need to seek law and policy changes in order to facilitate the enjoyment of rights and the take up of solutions and inform the design of a comprehensive strategy that takes advantage of structural opportunities and addresses any obstacles to advancing solutions. In addition, the information compiled is intended to enable UNHCR staff – both in the field and at HQ – to quickly obtain an accurate overview of the legal framework and protection environment in a country.

Background 2014:

Work on the mapping tool was initiated in 2014, when a prototype of the tool was developed by legal experts. The prototype consists of a survey style collection of questions in areas identified as relevant, as well as a model for analysis of the findings. Along with the mapping tool, a draft guidance note was developed on how to use the tool. The development of this initial tool was followed by trial use of it in 4 operations towards the end of the year.

Work remaining 2015:

In 2015, the goal is to amend and operationalize the tool. The amendments will draw on lessons from the testing in 2014 and focus on making the tool more user friendly and improve search functions, through a review of question-answer formats and the development of a user friendly digital interface. A SharePoint platform will provide the digital platform for the tool. As a standard preparation of the development phase, the evaluation carried out in 2014 on information needs, existing data systems and information gaps will also be reviewed, jointly by CSU staff and the IM consultant. The evaluation component will:

  • Based on a review of the information collected in the 2014 testing, verify that the identified key information being gathered links to the information needed to inform the necessary decisions and development of comprehensive solutions strategies;
  • Verify the review undertaken in 2014 of existing data systems and sources within the agency to ensure the legal mapping system does not duplicate existing data collection efforts;

The evaluation and lessons learned from the test runs of the tool in 2014 are to be incorporated into an improved version of the tool. The Division of Information Systems and Telecoms will be assisting with the practical development of the tool on a SharePoint platform. The aim is that the final tool be more user friendly, provide a clearer presentation of findings, and make it simpler for users to prioritize areas of intervention and identify areas where UNHCR will need to seek law and policy changes in order to facilitate the enjoyment of rights and the take up of solutions. The new version of the tool is to be tested in select operations in 2015.

III.Specific objectives

In consultation with staff in the Comprehensive Solutions Unit, the Field Information and Coordination Section, and the Division of Information Systems and Telecoms, the consultant will help optimize the design of the Legal Mapping Tool, with the purpose of creating a more operational and user friendly digital tool. With DIST providing the IT expertise and leading the practical development of the tool, the consultant is expected to contribute with information management expertise to help conceptualize a user-friendly tool that also complies with UNHCR’s data protection policy and protection standards.

Specific deliverables are the following:

  • A list of existing information sources which are related to the priority information needs and how the data is currently managed; (5%)
  • A list of necessary functions to help make this tool useful, sustainable and simple, (e.g. password protection, tiered access, an analysis component etc.) (10%)
  • Provide input to the development of a digital version of the Legal Mapping Tool on a SharePoint platform with the following characteristics: (80%)
  • o Reporting format(s) in alignment with existing systems, such as FOCUS; market surveys and market chain analysis; health and education system mapping; child protection monitoring tools, etc.
  • o A user friendly interface, including both information collection and analysis
  • o A design for the questionnaire or questionnaires that meet the needs of the users of the tool, taking into account the diverse environments in which the tool will be used. The consultant will be required to help to re-formulate appropriate questions and advise on the most useful format of answers so that the tool can produce searchable and mappable information
  • o A dashboard presentation of the consolidated findings and analysis
  • Documentation of process, tool and analysis steps needed to ensure implementation (5%)

The first two weeks of the assignment, in November, the consultant will draft development documents and provide input to the functional requirements document being drafted by DIST. In the two weeks of the assignment in December and in the two weeks in January, the consultant will provide input to the digital version of the tool in its development phase.

IV.Profile of Preferred Candidate


  • Masters Degree in relevant area (for example Information Management, Data Analytics, Refugee Studies, Law)

Expertise and Experience

  • At least three year's relevant experience working on Information Management;
  • Strong analytical skills in data management, possibly a Business Analyst background
  • Former experience working with UNHCR or persons of concern to the organization is a strong asset;
  • Excellent English, speaking and writing skills;


The consultant will report to the Associate Protection Officer in UNHCR HQ Geneva, Comprehensive Solutions Unit. S/he will carry out the work in collaboration with staff in the Comprehensive Solutions Unit, the Field Information and Coordination Section, and the Division of Information Systems and Telecoms.

Applications, consisting of a CV and letter of motivation, should be submitted by 19 October 2015 to, UNHCR, Division of International Protection, Comprehensive Solutions Unit.

Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.
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  • Organization: UNHCR - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  • Location:
  • Grade: Mid level
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Legal - Broad
    • Management, Administration and Finance
  • Closing Date: 2015-10-19

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