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Callfor InternationalExperts/Specialists to supporttheGreen ClimateFundon funding proposal assessments I. Background

1. The GreenClimate Fund(GCF)was establishedby Partiesto theUNFCCCat its meetingin Cancúnin December2010,and formallylaunchedin 2011 whenthe GoverningInstrumentof the GCFwasadopted andapproved.

2. TheGCFis settobecomeamaininternationalfinancialinstitutionforthedeliveryof climate financein supportofmitigationandadaptationactivitiesindevelopingcountries. 3. TheGCFisgovernedandsupervisedbya Boardthathasfullresponsibilityfor funding decisions.TheGCFhasaSecretariatwithresponsibilityfor theexecutivemanagementand operationsoftheFund.TheGCFalsohasa Trusteeinchargeofthemanagementof theFund’s financialassetsandfinancial reporting thereof.

4. IntheGCF’sproposalapproval process (decisionB.07/03),entitiesaccreditedtotheGCFwill submitfundingproposals totheSecretariatforconsideration,witha no-objectionfrom therelevant national designatedauthority.TheSecretariatwillreviewthefundingproposalsfrom accredited entitiesona rollingbasisandwillperformsecond-levelduediligenceon the proposals. The expert/specialistwillsupport the Secretariatbyreviewingspecificaspectsof the funding proposal(s) that align with the expert/specialist’score expertise.

II. Minimumrequiredqualificationsandkey fieldsof competencies

5. Individuals interested to serve as international experts/specialists musthave prior experience developing, reviewing and/or evaluatingproject/programme proposals. Experience with the supervision and oversight of project/programme implementation is desirable. 6. Applicants must alsodemonstrate recognized technical capacity and expertise, supported by at least 7 years of relevant professional experience in an international environment, in at least one of the following technical specialties:

(a) Experience with financial analysis on a project/programme level; (b) Experience with economic analysis on a project/programme level; (c) Risk analysisof projects/programmes, particularly for the management of financial and operational risks;

(d) Experience with fiduciary and procurement processes, particularly as they apply to national and/or international institutions;

(e) Implementation and oversight of environmental and social safeguards and policies, includinggender policies;and/or

(f) Design and implementation of results management frameworks for the monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes.

7. More broadly, individuals interested to serve as international experts/specialists should demonstrate the following qualifications:

(a) Extensiveoperationalexperiencein some oftheFund’sresultareas:

i. Reducedemissionsfrom:

• Energyaccessand power generation

• Low emission transport

• Buildings, cities,industries, and appliances

• Forestsandlanduse ii. Increasedresilienceof:

• Livelihoodsof people,communities, and regions

• Healthand well-being,andfood and watersecurity

• Infrastructure and thebuiltenvironment

• Ecosystemsandecosystemservices;

(b) Professional experienceinthefinancing, development, and implementation ofpublicand/or private sector projectsindevelopingcountries;

(c) Workingknowledge oftheprojectmanagementcycle,including origination,implementation, andactivity oversight; and/or

(d) FamiliaritywithUnitedNationsFrameworkConventiononClimateChange, the IntergovernmentalPanelon ClimateChange,andotherrelevantprocessesisdesirable. 8. In addition to the above, interested individuals must demonstrate an unquestionable personal reputation, integrity, and ethical behaviour throughout his or her professional career. 9. The working language of the GCF is English. Fluency in another language, particularly an official language of the United Nations, is a plus.

III. Applicationandselectionprocedure

10. Interested individuals should submit their expression of interest by providing a full documented CV and a cover letter specifying theirtechnical specialties, based on their skills and experience, from those listed in paragraph 6 above.

11. Responses to this call should be sent via email to <>.

12. The subject line of the email message should follow the following format:

13. Subject: Expression of interest international experts/specialists – [FIRST NAME] [FAMILY NAME]

14. The file containing the curriculum vitae should be named “CV [FAMILY NAME]” (e.g. CV SMITH), and similarly, the file containing the cover letter should be named “Cover letter [FAMILY NAME]”.

15. Only the following formats will be accepted: MS Word, PDF, RTF. 16. The Secretariat may also seek the expertise and services of specialized consultancy firms in the key fields of competencies listed previously. The consultancy process for specialized firms will be similar to that for individuals, and firms are requested to send information that helps the Secretariat to assess the core specialties and level of expertiseof the firmin lieu of a CV. Interested parties are requested to follow the same process as outlined above, substituting the name of the firm for the name of the individual applicant.

17. The experts/specialists will be selected through an open, transparent, and competitive process based on the criteria above and the annexed terms of reference.

18. The experts/specialists will be expected to work eitheron-site (preferred) or remotely. The Secretariat will communicate and assist with any travel requirements relating to the work of the experts/specialists. The time required for proposal review will depend upon the volume and complexity of funding proposals received.

19. Shortlisting will start on 20 July2015 and will continue until the position is filled.Annex: Termsofreference forInternationalExperts/Specialiststo support the Green Climate Fund on funding proposal assessments

I. Role and mandate

1. Theinternational experts/specialistswillsupportthe Secretariat byreviewingspecific

aspects of the funding proposal(s) that align with the expert/specialist’s core expertis.eThiswillbe

donein accordancewiththeGCF’sinitial proposalapprovalprocess,andin orderto provide

additionaltechnicalexpertisein the review of fundingproposalsfor theBoard’s consideration.

2. Theexperts/specialistswillbe boundby thesetermsof reference(TOR)as well as byany

relevant policies and proceduresof theGCF, includingthe policyon ethicsand conflictof interestfor

external members servingon panels,sub-committees and workinggroupsof the Board. The rulesof

proceduresof the Board,as wellas any other relevant rules and guidelines tobe adoptedby theBoard,

willapply mutatis mutandisto theexperts/specialists.

3. Theexperts/specialists,in theconductof thetechnicalassessmentof fundingproposals,willbe

providedwith therelevant section(s) offinalfundingproposalandothernecessary informationthat

may reasonably berequestedfrom theSecretariat.

II. Modalitiesof work

4. Theexperts/specialistswill conduct its review of fundingproposalson-site (preferred) or remotely.

Thedatesand timelines for reviews will be determinedbytheSecretariat in accordance withthe initial

proposalapproval process.

5. TheSecretariatwillprovide the necessaryoperationaland administrative support to the


III. Compensation

6. A fee will be paid to experts/specialists in accordance with the GCF’srules and regulations,subjectto

thetermsof their consultancycontracts.Thetime required for review of fundingproposalswill be

determined in consultation withthe Secretariat.

IV. Conflictofinterest andconfidentiality

7. A conflict of interest arises when an expert/specialist hasan interest, whichmayincludebut is not

limited to a financialinterestthatcould, or could be deemed to, improperly influence theperformance of his

or her officialdutiesorresponsibilities asan expert/specialist. A conflict ofinterestapplies to, among

others, experts/specialistswhohold positionsin government or non-governmental organizations, or who

are working in, or have anycontractualarrangement as consultantsor otherwise with, an Accredited Entity

of the GCFor an executing entity.

8. All actual or potential conflicts oi terest, or the appearance thereof, shall be immediately disclosed in

writing to theGCF’sIntegrity Unit.When the Integrity Unit determines that an actual or potential conflict of

interest exists, the expert shall not participate in the matter that hagen rise to the conflict absent a

waiver from the Integrity Unit. The waiver may be designed to allow for any level of participation that the

Integrity Unit deems appropriate.

1Conflictof interestprovisionsreflectthedraftPolicyonEthicsand ConflictofInterestforexternal membersservingonPanels,

Sub-Committeesand WorkingGroupsof theBoard whichwillalsoapplyto the international experts/specialist.s9. Furthermore, at thetime of appointment,allexperts/specialistswillsign anOathfor external membersserving the GCF.

10. Experts/Specialistsshalladhere tothePolicy on Ethicsand Conflict of Interest for externalmembers

serving on Panels,Sub-Committees and Working Groupsof the Board, as may be amended from time to


11. Experts/Specialists shall adhere to theGCF’sinformation disclosure policy,asmay be amended from

timeto time, including in respect of the treatment of confidentiailnformation.

V. Revision and terminationof thetermsof referenceof the


12. TheFundmay revise theseTOR as necessaryin order toincorporate lessonslearned and to reflectthe

evolving technical needs of the GCF .

13. Themandate of theExpert/Specialist may be revised orterminatedby theGCF, if deemednecessary.

Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.
  • Organization: GCF - Green Climate Fund
  • Location: Multiple locations
  • Grade: International Consultant
  • Occupational Groups:
  • Closing Date:

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