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Request for Proposal - Group Life & Medical Insurance Coverage for Staff & their dependents

Monrovia | Liberia

  • Organization: LMH - Last Mile Health
  • Location: Monrovia | Liberia
  • Grade: Experienced
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Social Affairs
    • Statistics
    • Physics and Mathematics
    • Medical Practitioners
    • Procurement
  • Closing Date:


Martha Tubman Blvd, Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia

                                                        REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL




Last Mile Health is an implementing partner for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare for healthcare delivery in rural Liberia. We work alongside the Ministry of Health in Montserrado, Rivercess, Grand Gedeh, and Grand Bassa counties to serve over 150,000 people. We are the Ministry’s lead community health partner and technical

Last Mile Health invites competitive bidders from qualified and credible Insurance Companies in Liberia for the provision of Group Life Insurance coverage for its staff and medical insurance for staff and their dependents (Up to four dependents). Approximately One Hundred Sixty (160) employees in Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Grand Gedeh, and Rivercess Counties will be insured. Last Mile Health envisions an initial-year-long contract with one option year possible for this coverage, we are therefore requesting your best pricing for services for one year through this Request for Proposal.

Request for Proposal instructions for the procurement of Medical and Group Life insurance services are indicated below:



Submission Date: April 18, 2022

I. Submission of Proposal – Proposals delivered in a sealed envelope must comprise two (2) copies (one original and one duplicate) indicating the Reference number, title, and closing date. Proposals must be delivered to the address below on or before April 29, 2022, at 5:00 PM Local Time:

Tender Selection Committee

Last Mile Health

Congo Town, Adjacent to the Chinese Clinic, Tubman Boulevard

Monrovia, Liberia

Tel # +231775484425

  1. All bids must be placed in sealed envelopes (signed and stamped) clearly marked:

“Group Life Insurance for staff & Medical Insurance Coverage”, Ref # RFP-LMH-MGI-001-2022: and submitted in person.

2. Index of Bid Document

The last Mile Health bid document is comprised in its entirety of the following sections and appendices:


Section 1 Bid Instructions

Section 2 Description of Services

Section 3 Special Provisions

Section 4 Evaluation Criteria

Appendix A: Cover Letter

Appendix B: Bid document Checklist


a. Bid requirements:

All qualified bidders are encouraged to include the following documents in their bids:

  • Valid Tax Clearance/TIN number
  • Valid Business Registration Certificate
  • Evidence of Certification by the Central Bank of Liberia;
  • Company’s profile
  • Name of Reinsurer and its profile
  • Article of Incorporation
  • Most recent audited financial statement
  • List of a minimum of 10 INGOs/corporate clients (with a minimum of 50 employees) and their contact details
  • All tenderers must include in their Medical Plans the following:
  • Complete list of current medical clinics and hospitals that provide similar services to their clients
  • List of covered services (outpatient v/s inpatient; rehab, diagnostics; drugs)
  • List of coverage limits (deductibles, annual maximums)
  • All tenderers must include in their Group Life plans coverage for death, dismemberment disability, etc.
  • All pages of bids (Technical and Financial) must be pre-numbered and initialed
  • All bids must be signed and stamped by authorized personnel
  • All Bid prices must be quoted in United States Dollars
  • Quoted Price must be valid for the period of one (1) year as of the contract signing date
  • All bidders must provide financial reimbursement Plans (reimbursement to employees and payment terms)
  • Bidders must provide insurance Premium Plans for Group and Medical
  • Successful bidders will be required to provide Last Mile Health staff with Insurance Card within 30 days
  • Bidders are required to submit Technical and Financial proposals in a sealed envelope.
  • Proposal (Technical/financial) submitted in a sealed envelope must be comprised of two (2) copies (One original and one duplicate).
  • Additional Information
  • Bidders shall submit Cover letter in the prescribed Format as specified in Appendix A.
  • In case of a price discrepancy between the unit price and SUBTOTAL price, the unit price shall prevail.
  • Last Mile Health reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of staff     mentioned in this bidding document
  • The bid validity period shall be sixty (60) working days from the bid submission date.
  • Bid submitted after the deadline will NOT be considered
  • Electronic bids are not allowed
  • Bidders submitting proposals must (1) be officially licensed to do such business in Liberia, (2) be able to receive USAID funds and (3) not have been identified on the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List maintained by the U.S. Treasury or the United Nations Security designation list. In addition, prior to issuing the contract, Last Mile Health may request bidders to provide the following information:
  • Documentation to verify licensure (e.g., tax ID, registration certificate, etc.)
  • history/record of claims payment
  • Demonstration of adequate management and financial resources to perform the contract
  • Satisfactory records of performance history, integrity and business ethics, and audit resorts
  • Bidders may be asked to participate in an interview process in Monrovia

Last Mile Health reserves the right to request additional information from prospective bidders and reject any or all bids that do not meet its minimum requirements without any liability, or when considered to be in the best interest of the agency and/or the people it serves.


Group Life and Medical Insurance services are in two folds: (1) Group Life insurance coverage is only intended to provide benefits for staffs of Last Mile Health and not their dependents; (2) Medical insurance service is intended to cover (benefits) both Last Mile Health staffs and their dependents (Up to four dependents). Proposals should indicate the bidder’s ability to cover each of the following medical services:

In-patient Services should include:

  • Room & Board
  • Registration Fee
  • Admission fees
  • Special services & drugs
  • Surgery, including C- section
  • Medical conditions
  • Dental Services
  • Ophthalmological services
  • Pediatric services
  • Physicians’ fees in hospital visits
  • Diagnostics-X-rays, CT Scan,MRI and laboratory testing (Max/disability)
  • Rehab Services
  • Mental health services (Screening, management)
  • Prescribed drugs in and out of hospital (Max/disability)
  • Pregnancy/Maternity (Female only)
  • Herbalist (illness/injury) as an in-patient (Max)
  • Emergency Room Short Stay?

Out-Patient Services:                

  • Registration Fee
  • Physician’s fee       
  • Emergency Accident
  • Prescribed drugs & Medicines for acute and chronic conditions    
  • Dental Services
  • Diagnostics Lab Tests & Imaging           
  • Ophthalmological services
  • Mental health treatment/counseling
  • General medical services
  • Pregnancy/Maternity (Female only)
  • Emergency Room Short Stay?

Dental Services(complete exams, x-rays, dental cleanings, fillings, root canals and extractions, dental replacement and restoration)

General ophthalmology services (medical examination and evaluation with initiation of diagnostics and treatment for new patients, one or more visits, a continuation of diagnostic and treatment for established patients, Refraction, and any necessary prescription of lenses. Treatments should include surgeries like cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, etc

  • Special ophthalmological services like slit lamp examination, Keratometry, retinoscopy, refractometry, tonometry, examination with cycloplegia or mydriasis, motor evaluation


Bidders must be aware that the below provisions will be incorporated into the contract document upon successful evaluation and determination of a winner.

  1. Contract duration
  1. Payment terms      



All bids received in response to this solicitation will be evaluated and scored using set evaluation criteria. The scores for both technical and financial proposals will be distributed on a 70-30 ratio, meaning that the total score of 70% will be allotted to the technical proposal whereas 30% goes to the financial proposal. After the evaluation process, the Contract will be awarded to the most advantageous responsive offer (combination of quality and price) that meets the minimum requirements and offer the lowest price. The following factors shall be used in determining the most responsive bid.

4.1 Relevant Experience (70 Points)

Sub-factors for consideration under this main criterion will include:

a. Years of existence in insurance service provision

b. Key personnel qualifications and experiences c. Customer service and responsiveness

d. Past performance including coverage and timeliness of claim settlements and reimbursements

h. List of participating medical clinics and hospitals

i. Client references (INGOs/corporate entities) with similar service.

j. Group Life and medical insurance (Out-Patient v/s Inpatient) plans

k. Extensiveness of services covered

4.2 Cost (30 POINTS):

  1. Bid price for each component part
  2. Cost effectiveness relative to services covered.


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