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Researcher、Policy analyst、Non-resident


  • Organization: Songyun Forum
  • Location: Remote | China
  • Grade: Senior level - Roster - Senior level
  • Occupational Groups:
    • International Relations
    • Security policy
  • Closing Date: Closed









Job Summary and Description:
1. Write commentary articles on focal issues of international politics and heated issues of geopolitics;
2. Participate in writing in-depth research reports on focal issues of international politics and geopolitical issues;
3. Participate in expert dialogue activities and round-table discussions organized by the forum, and provide professional opinions and in-depth views;
4. Assist in organizing international researchers to participate in the relevant research and discussion work of this forum;
5. Part-time job opportunities, non-resident researchers;
6. The nationality of the researchers is not limited, and the professional academic background is not limited;
The basic quality requirements of job seekers
1. Possess rich work experience and research experience in related fields such as international politics, geopolitics, major country diplomacy, international economics, and international organizations; or have media work experience and policy consulting work experience that are highly related to the above fields;
2. Have working experience in writing review articles and in-depth research reports, with deep professional knowledge accumulation and extensive social network resources;
3. Have strong international social activities and participation capabilities, and be able to actively participate in and organize relevant activities required by the forum on their own;
Particularly inclined:
1. Professionals with relevant work experience in the fields of international organizations, foreign affairs and social politics; researchers from universities and research institutions, researchers from think tanks, policy consultants, and journalists;
2. Researching experience on American politics and diplomacy, EU and British politics and diplomacy, and geopolitical research in the Asia-Pacific region;
3. Possess professional in-depth research capabilities, strategic research awareness and critical thinking skills;


Salary and treatment:
This forum will provide remuneration in accordance with the actual requirements of the work and the ultimate value of the working. On one-task-one-pay basis, the remuneration ranges from 300 USD to 2000 USD. If there are special contributions to the development of the forum, we will give special remuneration and special treatment.



This vacancy is now closed.
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