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Consultancy – Developing screening protocol for Stemphylium blight pathogenesis in lentil


  • Organization: IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Location: Vienna
  • Grade: Consultancy - International Consultant - Internationally recruited Contractors Agreement
  • Occupational Groups:
  • Closing Date: Closed

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Organizational Setting


The Plant Breeding and Genetics Section and Laboratory assist Member States with the development of mutation induction methodologies and integrated applications of mutation breeding techniques for crop improvement and biodiversity, contributing to the sustainable intensification of crop production systems.


Main Purpose


At the backdrop of climate change, the yield losses due to Stemphylium blight in lentil has increased manifold causing more than 60% yield losses in the major lentil growing regions of the world. However, true resistance to this pathogen is still missing in the germplasm, and mutation breeding appears to be the only option to find novel sources of resistance to widen the genetic base of disease resistance. The consultant will develop and standardise screening protocol for Stemphylium blight resistance as a model system for pathology studies in seed crops at the PBG laboratoryThis will involve optimising enabling technologies like Rapid Generation Advancement (RGA) and Single Seed Descent (SSD) protocols for the pulses alongside of standardization of Stemphylium blight pathogenesis studies in controlled environment.


Functions / Key Results Expected


1.         Provide technical expertise to the RGA protocol for pulses under study.
2.         Preparation of Stemphylium inoculum and plant Inoculation
3.         Screening of lentil mutant populations for Stemphylium blight resistance and other agronomically important traits.
4.         Standardising of screening protocols for Stemphylium blight resistance and other agronomically traits of interest for the Member States
5.         Develop mutant population for lentil.
6.         Produce documentation/report of the standardised protocol.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities




Skills and Expertise

  •    Plant Breeding and Genetics



Qualifications and Experience


  • Master's Degree - Msc/Ph.D. in Plant Pathology or Plant Breeding and Genetics with experience of working on plant diseases and seed crops 

  • 2 years of experience post MSc or Ph.D in the field of Plant Pathology or Plant Breeding and Genetics

  • Able to plan and execute glass house/field experiments with robust experimental designs

  • Experience in screening for diseases in seed crops is preferred

  • Proven writing skills in scientific literature



The remuneration for this consultancy is a daily fee of up to a maximum of € 236.5, based on qualifications and experience. In case duty travel is required within the assignment, a daily subsistence allowance (DSA) and travel costs are provided. Health coverage and pension fund are the responsibility of the incumbent.



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