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Strategic Group Lead – Enabling regional and global mechanisms for sustainable action


  • Organization: ICIMOD - International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development
  • Location: Kathmandu
  • Grade: Level not specified - Level not specified
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Development Cooperation and Sustainable Development Goals
    • Environment
    • Managerial positions
  • Closing Date: Closed


We are ICIMOD – a unique intergovernmental learning and knowledge centre based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are a dynamic diverse group of people focused on our work towards greener, more inclusive, and climate-resilient HKH. We work on behalf of our eight regional member countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan.

We aim to influence policy and practice by bringing researchers, practitioners, and policymakers together to identify better ways of helping the people and communities of the HKH meet the increasing climate and environmental challenges while encouraging regional cooperation and collaboration for more sustainable mountain development.


About our Strategic Group on Building Regional and Global Mechanisms for Sustainable Action

This Strategic Group focuses on regional and global agendas. It brings together work that demands cooperation and collaboration at a strategic and region-wide level since such coordinated efforts are essential for the truly effective protection of HKH’s natural assets. This Strategic Group recognises that regional effort needs to be complemented by global engagement and action, as what happens in the rest of the world has significant effects on the HKH. Thus, within this Strategic Group, we intend to work regionally – aiming to deliver evidence-based knowledge and insights that will lead to an effective mechanism for regional cooperation, as well as the right kinds of regional investment frameworks – building on the commitments enshrined in the HKH Call to Action. We also want to work internationally, in collaboration with others, strengthening our support to our eight regional member countries to advocate for mountain issues in multiple regional and international processes pertaining to climate, environment, and development as well as amplifying the voices of mountain communities, especially of women, marginalised groups, and the youth, in these forums.

The Role

This is a unique opportunity to lead our new Strategic Group on Building Regional and Global Mechanisms for Sustainable Action – in the vibrant working culture and environment that is ICIMOD. This is an important new position that will hold responsibility for both coordination of ICIMOD’s response to the HKH Call to Action and especially the establishment of a regional mechanism for the HKH (under the supervision of the Director General) as well as the delivery of the wider Strategic Group’s portfolio (under the supervision of the Deputy Director General), ensuring that we collectively meet the commitments enshrined in the new Strategy 2030: Moving Mountains and in our Medium-Term Action Plan V (MTAP V): Embracing Change and Accelerating Impact (2023–2026). The position will work closely with the two other Strategic Group Leads.

Our work leverages knowledge for impact through four key pathways: policy, innovation and scaling, regional collaboration, and capability building. As a Strategic Group Lead, you will lead work along all four impact pathways; however, this Strategic Group will have a much stronger focus on regional cooperation and policy as well as bringing together the outcomes and outputs of other Strategic Groups into regional and international policy forums.


In addition to assuming leadership of ICIMOD’s commitment towards building support for a regional mechanism for the HKH, you will play a critical role with the two other Strategic Group Leads and the Deputy Director General in leading the delivery of ICIMOD’s Strategy 2030 and MTAP V, ensuring this Strategic Group’s results align with our Vision and Mission, as well as our High-Level Outcomes and Long-Term Impact Areas.

You will hold strategic oversight for two Action Areas – ‘Building Institutions for Regional Cooperation and Collaboration’ and ‘Strengthening Global Leadership in Sustainable Mountain Development’ – and which will entail oversight of around 15–20 professional staff, as well as several key staff who provide specialised advisory and support services. Leading a Strategic Group entails responsibilities at the highest levels. You will hold vertical (within the Strategic Group) and horizontal (working across other Strategic Groups and with leads of specialised units, i.e. Communications; Strategic Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning; Programme, Grant, and Partnership Management) responsibilities.

As one of the Strategic Group Leads, you will be a member of the Senior Management Committee, ICIMOD’s highest strategic management decision-making body chaired by the Director General, to contribute to its overall development and delivery of its mandate.

More specifically, you will have the following responsibilities:


1.       Strategic leadership and vision

  • Provide strategic vision and intellectual leadership for all Strategic Group work and ensure that the Action Areas deliver against their MTAP V outcomes and targets
  • Identify and bring in regional and global partnerships that facilitate delivery along ICIMOD’s impact pathways (i.e. policy, innovation and scaling, regional cooperation, and capability building)
  • Represent ICIMOD in regional and international forums and serve as an influential voice on climate and environment issues, investments for climate action and sustainable development, mountain concerns, rapid changes occurring in the HKH and other mountain regions, etc. to senior policy and decision-makers, funders and finance institutions, and practitioners, thus positioning ICIMOD as a thought leader
  • Maintain close collaborative working relations with the two other Strategic Groups to ensure integration, collaboration, cross-working and learning across all Action Areas
  • Keep the Strategic Group teams up to date on emerging trends, innovations, and learning
  • Oversee, track, and manage risks


2.      Design and deliver a road map for implementing commitments towards developing an effective regional mechanism

  • Lead the process working alongside the Director General to design a series of activities for the establishment of a regional mechanism, building on the work done to date
  • Manage the secretariat to the HKH Call to Action High-Level Task Force
  • Through the High-Level Task Force, identify key scientists and policymakers in the Regional Member Countries on key thematic areas of ICIMOD – climate impacts, cryosphere, water, risk reduction, air quality, biodiversity solutions, resilient livelihoods, etc. – and establish initial contacts for establishing science–policy forums on these topics


3.      People management

  • Supervise the two Action Area Coordinators, ensuring they nurture and sustain high-performing teams, acting as the secondary supervisor for all Action Area staff
  • Hold oversight for best-fit positioning and time allocations of Action Area staff, and ensure that Action Area Coordinators maintain coherent, inspired, and motivated staff that deliver results
  • Supervise the group of specialised advisory and support services staff posted to the Strategic Group, ensuring that effective services in Finance, Programme Management and Administration, Communications, and Monitoring and Reporting are provided to the Strategic Group and Action Areas, and maintain close connections with the respective heads of units (i.e. Strategic Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning; Programme Management and Finance; Communications)
  • Nurture a learning environment within the Strategic Group, where open and productive debate is encouraged, and skills development is provided for all staff at all levels


4.     Portfolio management: results and budgets

  • Hold overall accountability for achieving the MTAP V high-level results (High-Level Outcomes and Long-Term Impact Areas), ensuring that Action Areas outcomes are aligned, consistent, and complementary
  • Support the design of effective, strategic intervention priorities in close coordination with the Action Area Coordinators, ensuring that ICIMOD’s key cross-cutting issues are fully incorporated, and innovation and digital technology opportunities are captured
  • Oversee appropriate allocation of the Strategic Group budget and human resources and preparation of work plans, ensuring linkages are made between Action Areas within the Strategic Group, and with other Strategic Groups where relevant
  • Monitor implementation in the Action Areas, including follow-up on quality and performance, also ensuring that financial targets and standards are met and approving budgets at the appropriate delegated authority level
  • Ensure that Action Area Coordinators provide timely monitoring and quality reporting as required institutionally by the Strategic Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Unit and specific funders of projects
  • Provide critical and objective analysis of work areas to inform decision-making on priorities, and to, where necessary, reorientate or close less productive lines of work


5.      Communication and outreach

  • Review and approve all Strategic Group and Action Area communication strategies, plans, and campaigns to maximise outreach and engagement and alignment with the institutional communication strategy
  • Ensure communication is consistent across the Strategic Group and that staff within the Action Areas are given opportunities to represent ICIMOD in line with their expertise
  • Ensure appropriate targeting of knowledge products and communications to maximise opportunities across all four impact pathways


6.      Business development and resource mobilisation

  • Make an active contribution to business development and resource mobilisation (BDRM) in close liaison with the Head of BDRM and representing the Strategic Group and its Action Areas on the ICIMOD Resource Mobilisation Committee
  • Find and identify emerging opportunities relevant to the Strategic Group; leverage networks and relationships; develop and maintain a constructive dialogue with funders, as required; explore co-funding opportunities involving regional partners and/or member countries, and keep the BDRM Unit up to date with such engagements
  • Support proposal and concept note development with guidance and coordination from the BDRM Unit and source the right Action Area staff for project idea development in consultation with the Action Area Coordinator

Candidate Profile


  • Postgraduate degree in a relevant subject (e.g. international relations, climate and environment policy, economics, public administration, social sciences and sustainable finance)
  • At least 15 years of work relevant work experience, of which at least 10 years should be in a leadership or management position working in the field of climate change, environmental and/or natural resource management, sustainable policy and/or development, and/or relevant fields
  • Excellent management skills, gained by managing large-scale policy, development, and/or investment programmes
  • Recognition as a thought leader in a relevant field and a track record of delivering significant outcomes
  • Excellent interpersonal and people management skills with experience working in multicultural environments
  • Proven communication and outreach skills, including public speaking, presentation, and writing skills in English
  • Commitment to promoting and supporting gender equity and social inclusion


  • A good understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the HKH and other mountainous regions
  • A good understanding of the governance systems of countries in the HKH region
  • Experience in integration of gender equity and social inclusion into programming, applying inter-, multi-, and transdisciplinary approaches
  • Experience in fundraising
  • A vast network of contacts in government organisations, businesses, research institutions, INGOs and NGOs, and/or media

Job Features

Job Category Environment, Nick
Location Kathmandu, Nepal
Salary Competitive
Closing Date 7 June 2023 (Applications will be reviewed on an on-going basis)


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