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Conduct qualitative/quantitative data Ureport immunization


  • Organization: UNV - United Nations Volunteers
  • Location: Dakar
  • Grade: Level not specified - Level not specified
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Public Health and Health Service
    • Statistics
    • Information Technology and Computer Science
    • Children's rights (health and protection)
    • Malaria, Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases
  • Closing Date: Closed


Mission and objectives

Tout au long de son histoire, l’UNICEF a donné la priorité à la réalisation des droits intrinsèques de l’enfant à une qualité de vie de base, des droits que les dirigeants de la communauté internationale ont précisés dans la Convention relative aux droits de l’enfant. L’UNICEF fonde ses activités sur son expérience considérable et de solides recherches, constamment mises à jour, et il intervient pour aider les enfants à bénéficier d’un bon départ dans la vie, à survivre et à s’épanouir – en particulier lors des situations d’urgence – et à aller à l’école.


“Social and Behavior Change” is a cross-cutting, evidence-based and participatory process to promote measurable behavior and social change that is integral to development programs and humanitarian work. In our approach to social and behavior change at UNICEF, we keep human rights, and child rights, at the center of everything we do. As a human rights organization, we aim to support both duty bearers, whether governments or civil society and rights holders. In 2021 until 2023, countries have used Ureport ( to gather data for action on covid-19 prevention and on immunization. Research results will help us understand more about access to services, belief in the importance of vaccination (in general), and intention to vaccinate, if no cost or distance barriers involved. Those polls/surveys aimed to gather data to support youth/ adolescent participation as agent of change related to social and behavior change for COVID 19 vaccination and routine immunization, including but not limited to communication interventions. Data analysis report will help to contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 3 that is to "ensure healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages”

Task description

We are looking for one of Online Volunteer who under the guidance of the SBC immunization specialist will support the SBC team with conducting a qualitative/quantitative data analysis from Ureport. The Online Volunteer will be responsible for: - Discuss and consolidate datasets from Ureport for the analysis exercise - Conduct analysis of data and identify relevant trends, patterns, and key findings - Develop a word report and one power point presentation according to agreed reporting plan, including visualization and narrative interpretations of findings as required The Online Volunteer will be have to collect data on Immunization and covid-19 from 2021 to 2023 on Ureport website covering west and central Africa to conduct the analysis and is required to update on the progress once a week.

This vacancy is now closed.
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