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#WIT4Impact - Meet Franca Pavličević, Head of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Evolution, EUROCONTROL

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by Impactpool
in partnership with EUROCONTROL - Supporting European Aviation

Learn what it is like working at EUROCONTROL in air traffic management. In this article, you will meet Franca Pavličević from Croatia who heads EUROCONTROL’s CNS Evolution Unit since October 2008 (the Unit was previously known variously as the Navigation or Navigation & CNSS Research Unit).

I first worked as an air traffic controller and then an instructor, I moved from there into airspace design, which took me into the world of performance-based navigation (PBN). I am involved in developing the ICAO PBN Concept, chair the ICAO PBN Study Group, and was previously a member of the ICAO Separation and Airspace Safety Panel

Having worked extensively with European national experts on terminal airspace design projects, I also instruct on PBN and airspace design at EUROCONTROL’s Training Institute in Luxembourg.

Today, as head of CNS Evolution, my responsibilities include the Agency’s research contribution for the integration of communication, navigation and surveillance (SESAR); contributions to European rulemaking on all-weather operations, ground-based augmentation applications and avionics, the dual-frequency multi-constellation concept (and the evolution from a single constellation), navigation infrastructure rationalisation, as well as GNSS vulnerability and mitigation. I hold a bachelor’s degree in law and an MSc in airport planning.”

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