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NEWS: 9 UNHCR talent pools open for applicants

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by Impactpool

Published on: 18 April 2016
In 2016 more than 1.15 million refugees globally are in need of resettlement. The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) just launched talent pools (rosters) to recruit motivated people to refugee operations and regional offices in various locations. UNjobfinder can now present the nine career profiles they are looking for. Check out if you meet the requirements of any of them. Apply no later than 2016-06-30.
Syrian refugee camp

What is roster/pool recruitment?

This type of recruitment is a quite new concept within the UN system. The purpose of rosters is to build up a pre-assessed talent supply to meet anticipated future recruitment demands.

The difference between applying to ‘single’ traditional position and a roster/cluster recruitment is that when you apply for a roster, you may not know until you get an offer where you will be located and when you will start.

What is unique in the way UNHCR builds their roster is that they recruit several grade levels in the same job announcement. The agency post rosters with both multiple duty stations and multiple grades. What is also characteristic for a roster position is that the posting duration often is longer than a traditional recruitment. 

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List of current roster recruitments at UNHCR

Below you find the list of 9 new UNHCR rosters open for applicants with different career profiles. Click on the job title to find out more about the job description and how to apply. Closing date: 2016-06-30. 

Profile Admin/Finance Officer

Multiple locations | Mid/Senior

The Administrative/Finance Officer establishes and maintains efficient administrative systems and control mechanisms to support the smooth running of the operations and ensure compliance with administrative, human resources and financial rules and procedures.

Profile Shelter Officer

Multiple locations | Mid/Senior

The Shelter Officer conducts comprehensive sectoral needs assessments in liaison with other relevant sectors such as protection, programme, community services, Public Health, WASH, administration and supply. To ensure the most effective response, both quantitative and qualitative data should be gathered on the profile/needs and living conditions of both the displaced population and host community. In a first instance, the incumbent ensures that UNHCR Field operations are supported in carrying out shelter and settlement needs assessments taking into account the current situation, projected population planning figures and the expected scale of returns.

Profile Project Control Officer

Multiple locations | Mid/Senior

The Project Control Officer provides support to the operation by ensuring sound financial management in tandem with operational performance, and providing oversight of projects funded by UNHCR in complementary with programme management. The main tasks of the incumbent include the formulation of a project monitoring plan, conducting monitoring, quality assurance, review of project agreements, and verification of reports, tracking project risks, effective project closure and managing audit. Project Control Officer closely collaborates with UNHCR colleagues and diverse partners and plays a very important role in maintaining harmonious and effective partnerships. As a result, incumbent needs to be very mindful of all dimensions of teamwork and partnerships in their interaction with other persons (and uphold the Principles of Partnership, the Code of Conduct and other relevant documents).

Profile Protection Officer

Multiple locations | Mid/Senior

The Protection Officer leads and coordinates UNHCR’s protection programme with the objective of providing timely and effective protection to populations of concern, as well as supervising protection interventions within an office. The incumbent must be able to contribute to or lead, depending on the level, development of a multi-year protection strategy that is solutions-oriented and based on a consultative process with multi-functional teams and partners. The incumbent must also have the ability to forge strong partnerships with government entities, other UN agencies, and NGOs to facilitate the operation¿s protection objectives. To achieve this the Protection Officer will need to build and maintain effective relations with communities of concern.

Profile Supply Officer

Multiple locations | Mid/Senior

The Supply Officer takes on the role of leading, coordinating and supervising supply activities within an office. The incumbent maintains contact with other UN agencies, NGOs, government partners and commercial contractors in the area to facilitate the operation.

Profile Programme Officer

Multiple locations | Mid/Senior

The Programme Officer assists in the planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting of protection and assistance programming for refugees, internally displaced and stateless persons. The incumbent undertakes field visits to monitor the implementation of programming and introduce corrective measures where needed. The Programme Officer also provides input for the annual country operations plan, including budgets, and prepares inputs for funding submissions, appeals and reports.

Profile Field Safety Advisor

Multiple locations | Mid/Senior

The Field Safety Adviser takes on the role of leading, coordinating and providing appropriate guidance related to security management within an office. The incumbent maintains contact with other UN agencies, NGOs, implementing partners, government partners in the area to facilitate the operation.

Profile Physical Site Planner

Multiple locations | Level not specified

The Physical Site Planner provides specialised support to emergency operations in designing and developing sustainable settlements to host people of concern to UNHCR. Within the context of UNHCR’s Global Strategy for Settlement and Shelter (2014-18), a settlement should take into consideration the spatial allocation of functions while addressing the needs of the population, the availability of resources, the amelioration of living conditions, the provision of services, enhancing transportation networks as well as recreational spaces.

In the past, the functions of the physical site planner were largely limited to designing new and isolated settlements in rural environments. Nevertheless, largely due to the global trend of increasing urbanization, the majority of the world’s refugees now live outside of camps. Consequently, many refugees share accommodation, live in non-functional public buildings, collective centres, in slums and informal types of settlements. The incumbent will therefore be expected to analyse the variety of settlement options available to accommodate the population of concern, be it in a rural or urban context. Settlement solutions may range from the development of a planned settlement, hosting arrangements, collective centres or rental accommodation. Taking into account factors such as the population size/profile, local context, culture, available resources, absorption capacity and skills, the physical site planner will advise and subsequently support the implementation of the most suitable settlement option.

The incumbent for this position should possess a strong academic qualification in architecture or civil engineering, demonstrated professional experience of physical site planning and knowledge of the variety of settlement options available within the specific context.

Profile Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Officer

Multiple locations | Mid/Senior

The Camp Coordination and Camp Management Officer ensures a multi-sectoral response to assist and protect displaced populations in communal settings (collective centres, camps, transit/reception centres, spontaneous and informal sites, etc.), where such are created or envisaged. However, as camps and communal settlements are temporary solutions established only as a last resort whilst all efforts are made to find more durable solutions, the CCCM Officer does not advocate for the creation of camps, but improves the management of any relevant communal setting. Additionally, displaced populations often settle outside of communal settings with host families or in rented premises in rural or urban areas and some aspects of the management and coordination of their access to protection and assistance might fall under the purview of the CCCM Officer.

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Photo: Syrian refugee camp, Karkosik Erbil. By Mustafa Khayat, Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0) 

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