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Are men and women paid equal for same type of work and responsibility

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by Impactpool

Published on: 4 August 2017
Are personnel of International Organizations satisfied with their compensation? Are women and men paid equally for same type of work and responsibilities? This is only two of the questions we ask in our global salary survey for personnel of International Organizations. Help us find the answers, spend 4 minutes of your valuable time and make our research project as valid as possible.
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Impactpool always seeks to improve our services to you. We have built one of the world’s largest network of professionals of International Organizations.

We are now launching a new project that will help you to better understand salary patterns and salary trends of International Organizations. It will also serve to uncover compensation related inequalities between gender, countries, nationalities, expertise areas etc.

Please help us fill out the survey and please include the organization you work for. The survey is completely anonymous and will be open between until 17th August.


Take our 4-minutes survey

We will share the results as soon as the final survey results have been collected and analyzed.

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