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Do you want more job offers from credible organizations?

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by Impactpool

Published on: 6 July 2017
Impactpool are building the world's largest career platform together with talents and organizations who are striving for a sustainable world. Impactpool’s CEO, Magnus Bucht expresses his appreciation to all our engaged members and seeks your help to increase the number of credible organizations using Impactpool to reach out to talents.
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In 2015, we started a career site that now has evolved into Impactpool. This week we are proud to announce that we have passed 200’000 members and recently we also passed 350’000 followers on social media! I am thankful and proud that you are one of our engaged members and that our services brings you value.

One of the things that makes Impactpool unique compared to other career sites is that we are founded by experienced recruiters from the UN and from International Organizations. Our unique sector knowledge allows us to bring you the best career insights and unique access to networks and jobs that takes you closer to your career dream.

Our sector knowledge, in combination with our diverse and constantly growing member base is the main reason why our partner organizations choose us as their sourcing partner.

Now I need your help!

The more individuals and organizations we can support to make an impact, the better the chances will become to fulfil the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Therefore we want you to get access to more organizations and more job opportunities. Now we turn to you as a member. 

If you like Impactpool, we ask you to please introduce us to any person in your network that you believe could benefit from our services and of being part of our community.

Please spend 30 seconds to fill out our referral form.

Thank you very much in advance for your help and contribution!

Best regards,

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Magnus Bucht
CEO of Impactpool
Twitter: @magnusbucht


P.S. Please also update your own profile, more and more organizations are contacting us asking about who our members are. Lately we have also been engaged in several executive search assignments and in fact all our recommendations have been found through our own network. D.S.

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