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Impactpool member and fellow awarded €5000 Master's tuition waiver

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by Marlene Bjornfot
Community Manager

Published on: 31 May 2017
Impactpool congratulates our member and Fellow Virginie Martins de Nobrega on being awarded a €5000 tuition waiver for EMMIO Executive Master’s Degree at SDA Bocconi School of Management. The waiver was to be awarded, upon admission to the EMMIO programme, to one Impactpool member with an outstanding profile and a proven interest in unlocking her/his leadership and management potential.
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"Virginie is an outstanding candidate of our program. She has shown excellent performance during her studies and high motivation to contribute to the future challenges of  International Development. Virginie has the personal attitude and potential to succeed as mid- and senior-level manager in International Organizations. In particular, her analytical and legal expertise provides ground for enhancing and developing the managerial and leadership skills needed to achieve our motto: "time to steer international challenges"
- Alexander Hiedemann, member of the EMMIO Admission Committee

During April we shared with our members and Fellows the opportunity for one Impactpool member to get a €5000 tuition waiver for the Executive Master in Management of International Organizations (EMMIO) at Impactpool’s partner SDA Bocconi School of Management.

The EMMIO is an opportunity to earn a Master’s in only nine months while taking full advantage of a flexible program schedule compatible with full employment. The programme is addressed to mid and senior level professionals working - or interested to pursue a career - in United Nations and International NGOs.

We are proud to congratulate our Impactpool member and Fellow Virginie Martins de Nobrega on being awarded the waiver!

“I feel honored to be joining the EMMIO program of the SDA Bocconi School of Management. We are facing global challenges that call for a global vision with contextualized responses. Providing pragmatic, effective and integrative solutions implies to develop cross-cutting skills. #EMMIO offers this perfect blend of excellence in management, innovation, peer-to-peer interactions and in-depth insights into international organizations. I am welcoming this opportunity to learn, grow and connect with like-minded professionals.”
- Virginie Martins de Nobrega

Virginie Martins de Norbrega is a lawyer and mediator with degrees in International and European Law, complemented by over a decade of diverse experience in litigation and mediation, conflicts and human rights. She has worked for both the public and private sector mainly analysing, counselling, resolving conflicts, drafting legal opinions and reports, as well as advocating.  A passionate human rights advocate, with a keen interest in development and public policies, she is skilled at building consensus between conflicting parties and driving resolutions, and conceiving global strategies.

Virginie has been volunteering for the local Red Cross participating in most of the national fundraising and local food campaigns and, over the last 4 years, she has taken part in multiple UNV online projects.

If you are a real changemaker looking for an opportunity to grow your management potential, improve your leadership skills and unlock your strategic vision - EMMIO is the right program for you.

Apply to EMMIO now

Interested in becoming an Impactpool FellowFind out more about the Fellowship here

If you are a young professional willing to pursue a career in the public sector, do not miss the upcoming deadlines for Master of Public Administration (MPA) of SDA Bocconi in Milan.

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