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Impactpool's new feature will increase the chances to land you an interview!

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by Impactpool

Published on: 26 July 2019

"Increase my chances"

We work hard to bring you every possible tool to outsmart the recruitment process. Have a look and learn how to make the most of our "Increase my chances" switch.

Our curated job posts for listings with fewer applicants helped many by matching a users with their next employer and so we wondered how we could turn this into a feature that is accessible to more people. Thus was born ‘Increase my chances’ - a feature that allows you to find job with fewest number of competitors applying so that you have a higher chance of being hired! 

See how it works:


Using the feature is as simple as toggling the switch on the job opportunities page.

1) Go to Your Job Opportunities

2) Tap the switch to toggle between all vacancies  and jobs that you have higher chances of being hired to.

Impactpool contains thousands of job listings with some of the biggest impact sector agencies in the world. And in order to help you find jobs that fits your interests and profile, we added the search and filter options. Combining the new ‘Increase my chances’ feature truly brings out its inherent potential.

Let’s say that you would like to look for jobs within the World Food Programme (WFP). Go to Job Opportunities, search for WFP. It lists all the jobs we have available with the WFP. Now, toggle the “Increase my chances” switch and now you get jobs within the WFP postings that have the fewest applicants!

3)Want to add more specificity to your search?

Add an additional filter by specifying which Occupational Groups / Grade or even Country you want to look for jobs in!

Let us illustrate another example, suppose you are a financial consultant looking for a job in the Banking and Finance sector in Nigeria. Select the Banking and Finance Occupational Group filter, then select Nigeria from the Country filter.

Now toggle the ‘Increase my chances’ button and you are now presented with jobs in your specified domain of interest and specified country for which you have the best chances!  

Use these filters in conjunction to quickly identify and apply to jobs where you have the highest chances of being hired. We believe that this feature can be a a powerful tool to quickly help you land your next job!

Increase my chances’ is an exclusive feature for Fellows as a part of the Fellowship Programme in addition to free access to ALL our learning material, webinars, and exclusive content will help you outsmart recruiters!

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