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NEWS ARCHIVE SEPT 2015: UNFPA and UNjobfinder in partnership collaboration

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by Impactpool

Published on: 24 September 2015
Delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential is fulfilled. Learn more about UNFPA and find all their opportunities at
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With one of the United Nations most important and touching mandates, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is always searching for world class talent. During the next 12 months UNjobfinder is the partner of choice for talent sourcing. To get more familiar with the work of UNFPA, take a look at this video:


So what are the areas of expertise of UNFPA? And what specific expertise is UNFPA looking for?

UNFPA has four main focus areas (topics):

  • Sexual & reproductive health
  • Young people
  • Human rights & gender equality
  • Population matters

In addition to these topics, UNFPA is also recruiting in the Administrative area; Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Procurement. 

What is standing out with UNFPA is that although they only have 2000 professionals, they have a global prescence in equally many countries as UNDP. In fact UNFPA is present globally where the need is the most!

Similar to many other UN organizations, UNFPA searches actively for women from Sub Saharan Africa, women from developing countries and crises countries.

UNFPA is also a donor funded organization, so be a national of an under-represented donor may not be a disadvantage. The largest core contributors of UNFPA are: Norway, Sweden. Netherlands and Denmark. The largest bilateral donors are USA, UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands. 

One area that is always allowing opportunities (not only with UNFPA) is Administration (or Operations which is the name for Administration in some UN organisations like UNDP), strong profiles in Office management, Human Resources, Finance and Procurement are always of great interest.

Before applying to a position at UNFPA, you may take some time to listen to what the Director of Human Resources. Mr. Micheal Emery has to say, click here to listen to our podcast interview with him.

Dont miss that you can find valuable information at how to write an application and how to prepare for an interview.


Photo: Rod Waddington licensed under Creative Commons at Flickr

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