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UNV improves the national UN Volunteer experience

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by Impactpool

Published on: 31 January 2017
The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme shares a global press release. The UNV has updated the Conditions of Service for national UN Volunteers, effective globally as of 31 January 2017. The many changes include paternity cover, revised living and hardship support, the introduction of short term and university schemes and extending medical coverage, among others.
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UNV has updated their Condition of Service, and the revised version is the outcome of an exhaustive review and extensive consultations with UN partners and UN Volunteers. In their reformulation, the conditions better suit the changing needs of UN Volunteers, retain UNV as an attractive partner for UN agencies, and streamline volunteer management procedures globally.

“I am very pleased that after a comprehensive process of consultation and assessment of options, UNV has revised the Conditions of Service for national UN Volunteers. These changes recognize the need for greater family support as well as adequate and equitable living allowances, especially for national UN Volunteers serving in hardship and non-family duty stations, stated UNV Executive Coordinator Olivier Adam.

The many positive changes to the national UN Volunteer Conditions of Service include paternity cover, revised living and hardship support, streamlined resettlement and pre-departure allowances, the introduction of short term and university schemes, and extending medical coverage.

The national UN Volunteer modality was developed as an attractive opportunity for the United Nations system to support national governments and counterparts to integrate volunteerism into peace and development efforts within their own country and communities.

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Since the development of this modality, development work has been shifting more strongly toward building national and local capacity. Building on that momentum, the national UN Volunteer modality continues to offer tremendous potential for UNV and the entire UN system to more effectively support peace and development, to encourage national commitment, and to strengthen national and local capacities.

The mobilization of national UN Volunteers remains core to UNV’s mandate and has constituted the bulk of the organization’s growth in a changing environment. At present there are national UN Volunteers account for 39% of the UN Volunteers serving in the field, with 1,643 national UN Volunteers currently carrying out assignments in 94 countries.

UNV constantly works to ensure that its strategy, programmes, and policies are adapted to changing realities, including the regular review and modernization of the service regime for UN Volunteers in all its aspects.

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