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Interested in joining United Nations Volunteer (UNV) programme? Check out desired profiles?

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by Impactpool

Published on: 22 September 2016
UNjobfinder works with some of the largest organizations in world specialized in assigning volunteers globally. In this campaign we are working with UN Volunteer (UNV) programme to build capacity for upcoming recruitments. In the past we have learned that several individuals submit applications for volunteer assignments, but when the opportunity comes, they defer the offer. In this campaign we only look for you who truly dream about serving the greater good as a volunteer.
Nada rawash right, a unv reception coordinator with unhcr, is one of 40 egyptian national un volunteers. here, she is helping an asylum seeker fill out paperwork to become registered as a refugee with unhcr in egypt. g tech, 2014jpg

The reason for us running this UNV campaign now is that UNV has indicate a need to build a pool of talent to recruit expertise in coming weeks or months. By becoming a UNjobfinder member and select the combination of any of the below expertise areas and Volunteer (as grade) we will keep you informed when these assignments are being published.


With this UNV campaign call we are looking to build volunteer capacity in three different occupational areas. The purpose is to help our client UNV to speed up recruitment at their end. By signing up we will provide you with our weekly international development job alerts with volunteer assignments (and if desired also job opportunities) in your area of expertise. The following three professional areas are desired:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists
  • Human Rights Officers
  • Protection Officer (Refugee)

Under-represented profiles

For these profiles we are specifically looking for applicants from Latin-America and Caribbean and from Africa (Francophone applicants). 

Being bilingual makes your profile interesting?

To succeed you should bring the recruiter's attention to activities in the past that proves your commitment to volunteerism. When applying for a field based organization also hands-on work experience from challenging work environments is advantageous. The recruiter would search for any proof and value signs of resilience. As a recruiter, I know that my colleagues, when an applicant has met the minimum requirements, they would quickly go through your background experience and look for;

  • any previous/current volunteer experience;
  • any hands-on hardship experience (previous/current work/volunteer experience in crisis countries, or post-conflict / peacekeeping context);
  • relevant field experience from a development context;
  • bilangual - specifically English/French, English/Spanish, English/Portuguese but also other language combinations such as Arabic/French, Arabic/English, Portuguese, Russian could also be an asset;
  • any UNV experience (as long as the maximum duration of service is not exceeded);
  • any experience from other organizations that serves in similar contexts WFP, UNHCR, OCHA, UNDP, UNICEF, Save the Children, ICRC, IRC, NRC, DRC, IOM etc;
  • any professional UN staff experience;
  • any other UN experiences as staff, consultants, service contracts or similar;

Instructions how to register for the recruitment campaign:

Please complete a career profile on It takes no more than 2 minutes. With a complete profile you will receive weekly job alerts tailored for your expertise and career level. We will also match relevant career resources for you.

Please click here to join our volunteer campaign pool

Step 1-3: Fill in the information required and check the boxes that implies. Please only register for this call if you are prepared to volunteer. If so, indicate "Volunteer Assignment".

Step 4: "What is your area of expertise and/or interest?" - Select Information Technology and Computer Science as occupational group. As soon as you have fulfilled this process you are ready to receive job alerts for positions that matches your skills.

Photo: Nada Rawash (right), a UNV Reception Coordinator with UNHCR, is one of 40 Egyptian national UN Volunteers. Here, she is helping an asylum seeker fill out paperwork to become registered as a refugee with UNHCR in Egypt. (G-Tech, 2014). BY United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme

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