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Webinar: How to break the vicious circle of lack of experience

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by Impactpool

Published on: 8 May 2017
Impactpool is proud to present this webinar, hosted by Javier Martín.
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Change of date
Join us for the live webinar on June 7, 4.30 PM CEST, Barcelona time.
Due to unforseen events the date (May 31) has been changed.
Target audience
Individuals with the combination of being both 
- Recent university graduates or those about to complete an academic degree,
- Who have no or little relevant work experience, wanting to start a career in the global development sector.

The webinar will focus on

- How to set up an early career strategy in order to enter into the global development sector.

- Defining the range of actors and opportunities.

- Stressing how important it is to work hard on applications, focus and networking.

- A simple scheme of several steps that are critical in breaking the circle, as well as tips and recommendations that come from experience and the reality of the job market in this sector.

Approximate duration:

1 hour, including time for questions. A recorded version will be available to Fellows.

About Javier

Javier has worked in international development and humanitarian operations for more than 15 years, primarily for Oxfam Spain and Oxfam International. Currently he is the Head of Human Resources at the Union for the Mediterranean, a regional international organization based in Barcelona.

Javier has worked in more than 20 countries in Africa and Latin America, resourcing talent, fostering leadership and developing organizational and individual capacity.

How to join the webinar

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- Once you are a Fellow, sign up for the webinar on the Registration page

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- Building a career in Development Banks, 8 June

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