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Job vacancies at UNU - United Nations University

Welcome to the career site of the United Nations University (UNU) at Impactpool.

UNU is a global think tank and postgraduate teaching organisation headquartered in Japan. The mission of UNU is to contribute, through collaborative research and education, to efforts to resolve the pressing global problems of human survival, development, and welfare that are the concern of the United Nations, its Peoples, and Member States.

In carrying out this mission, UNU works with leading universities and research institutes in UN Member States, functioning as a bridge between the international academic community and the United Nations system. Through postgraduate teaching activities, UNU contributes to capacity building, particularly in developing countries.

The University comprises 14 institutes and programmes located in 12 countries, each with its own director, advisory board, and staff.

As part of the UN family of organisations, UNU maintains close working relationships with other UN agencies, programmes, commissions, funds, and convention secretariats.

Work at UNU

UNU offers three types of employment contracts: fixed-term staff positions (General Service, National Officer, and Professional), Personnel Service Agreement positions, and individual contractor/consultant positions.

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