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Job vacancies at ISA - International Solar Alliance


The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is a growing international organization with 76 member countries. ISA supports governments around the world to improve energy access and security by promoting solar energy as a sustainable, affordable and resilient way to transition to a carbon-neutral future.

ISA’s vision is to facilitate energy access in every corner of the world by delivering cleaner electricity to all by 2030. ISA’s mission is to unlock US$ 1 trillion of investment by 2030 by reducing the cost of the technology and its financing and increasing the skills of people working in the industry.

The three key strategic priority areas identified by the ISA are:

1. Analytics & Advocacy

To support member countries in formulation of policies and regulations, the ISA plans to develop global annual reports on solar technology, solar investments and solar markets in the near future, building on the work of ISA’s flagship report, ‘The Ease of Doing Solar 2020’, which provides strategic insights on how nations can leverage their solar potential and contribute towards global energy transition.

2. Capacity Building

ISA will provide tailored capacity-building support adapted to local context through its STAR-programme. Under this programme, the ISA aims to set standards and norms for solar and strengthen solar ecosystems in all developing countries with solar training for all the stakeholders, testing and research.  

ISA has collaborated with Government of India’s ITEC programme for Master Trainers. The master trainers trained under this programme are further training solar mechanics in their respective countries. ISA has also initiated professional degree programmes like MBA, PHD and MTech in Renewable Energy in collaboration with IIT Delhi, India to encourage mid-career professionals to take RE jobs in their respective countries. With the French Institute of Solar Energy, NREL, and the Pacific and East African Centres for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, ISA has proposed trainings on solar energy tailored to the needs to the region. Skill development of technicians, training of bankers under Making Solar Bankable are some of the other capacity building programmes are also proposed to our Members.

3. Project Implementation & Resource Mobilisation

ISA plans to set up sustainable solar projects in countries most impacted by climate change, especially Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States, by aggregating demand for innovative and scalable solar solutions, and by facilitating access to funding with risk mitigation mechanisms such as the Sustainable Renewable Risk Mitigation Initiative developed with our partners (AFD, IRENA and the World Bank). ISA is currently supporting Mali (500 MW) and Togo (283 MW) to implement large scale solar projects. ISA is contributing pragmatically to the global energy transition, with its bold initiative on grid interconnection “One Sun One World One Grid”.

With the help of member countries and partner organisations ISA is well on its path to set realistic plans for solar deployment globally.

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