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Job vacancies at Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships started with a dream: hospital ships staffed with volunteers who help the poorest countries in the world by providing medical care. Showing God's love in a practical way to the poorest. Over the years, Mercy Ships has helped more than two million people in developing countries with medical operations and development projects with a handful of ships. And every day, with every operation, every patient, we fulfill that dream.

We currently operate two hospital ships – the Africa Mercy and the Global Mercy , the largest privately owned sailing hospital in the world. Both ships are specially equipped to help people in the poorest countries in Africa.

Why ships?

80% of the world's population lives no more than 150 km from a port city. Therefore, a ship is the best way to reach these people with the help they need.

Using a ship is a relatively cheap way to reach most of the world's population with development aid. A hospital ship offers a protected and clean environment to minimize the risk of infections. There is clean drinking water and sanitary facilities. In case of sudden unrest, for example a civil war, the ship can sail away to ensure the safety of our volunteers.