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Job vacancies at Bodhi Global Analysis

Bodhi Global Analysis was born out of a recognition that effective development programming required compelling evidence, and that there was a need for objective dispassionate research that went beyond pushing agendas, ticking boxes or fitting within preconceived frameworks. Thus, with the aim of injecting academic rigour into the research informing development policy and practice, Bodhi Global Analysis Ltd was incorporated in London in August 2017, followed by the establishment of a subsidiary in Nairobi in 2018.

We enable international development and humanitarian stakeholders to devise sound interventions that are embedded in rigorous research and robust analysis. We go beyond accepted wisdoms, frameworks and agendas, and critically engage with issues to develop actionable and realistic policy recommendations based on ground realities. We pride ourselves on our intellectual rigour, research objectivity and our integrity.

What we do.

At Bodhi Global Analysis we produce political economy and conflict analyses reports to support the development of informed international development strategies and interventions.


Robust Research

Research grounded in advanced theoretical training and field experience


Objective Analysis

Independent analysis reflecting intellectual rigour and sound research


Actionable Recommendations

Policy recommendations that are realistic, achievable and effective

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